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Corporate Attire

Argggh! For six years of working here in GXS/Opentext, corporate attire is not an issue at all. We can wear anything we like, well, provided that the outfit is still decent. But not until the day, GXS has been acquired by a Canadian company named Opentext. Everything needs to change drastically and that does include our dress code, nah, they just getting strict with their house rules and wanted to implement it seriously.  Meanwhile, most of my clothes are casual – shirts, jeans, tank tops, & skirts – and having this change are quite painful to my pocket. How I wish, they provide clothing allowance or salary increase perhaps!

Thus, I am in search of something corporate-ish in an affordable price. Being classy and formal at the same time does not mean expensive clothing. It only needs effort, patience and practicality on which I am trying to portray. Ha-ha. For now, here are the pieces that I've been considering to buy (and thinking to make my own version, D-I-Y here we go!). Well, I love skirts with elegant details and prints.

And of course, aside from accessories, shoes do wonders in one’s outfit. It could make someone’s attire looks fabulous! I've never thought that Primadonna shoes are way too affordable and yet stylish and looks sophisticated which I found in Zalora Philippines website! Since, I've been looking for affordable pieces for me to sustain this transition in clothing, I tried to look and search online. So far, so good!

Now, I can’t wait for my payday so that I can do shopping! Yihee! Looking at the bright side, this changeover will make my blog more fashionable because I can now have my “OOTD” post for at least thrice a week. Quite excited though! Ha-ha. By the way, recommendations, suggestions or comments are also welcome!

P.S. Photos posted here are from Google Images and Zalora Philippines site.

Happy Friday!

Hugs & Kisses,

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