Hello, from Buri Resort and Spa!

Hello darlings! Wish you all have a great day and a time-of-your-life moment, greeting from me and Buri Resort and Spa! Everything is possible, just ask and pray for it! Yeah, most of the times it works for me you just have to be patient as everything happens in God’s perfect timing. Since yesterday, fellow bloggers and I are here in Buri Resort and Spa, Puerto Galera for us to experience the other side of the place, it is tranquil, relax and a place that can rejuvenate your soul and spirit which is in contrary of what we heard (as what my friends says and what I experienced 5 years ago) that Puerto Galera was crowded, a venue for party goers.   

Meanwhile, here's an OOTD from our spacious veranda.

Wearing: Giordano Maxi Dress, Ipanema flipflops, Swatch watch

Buri Resort and Spa is a place where I would love waking up to - birds chirping, green sorroundings, beach view at your veranda, palm trees, coconut trees, buri trees (which the name of the resort came from) and the air you breathe is unpolluted. What a wonderful world, yeah right!

Detailed story and information will be posted soon, stay tuned!
Hugs & Kisses,
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