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Celebrity Chef BOBBY CHINN at The Farm at San Benito

Press Release. The Farm at San Benito is the Philippines’ only five-star health retreat and one of few truly integrated medical/wellness resorts in the world.  For over a decade now THE FARM have helped thousands of people in their quest to live a better quality of life through preventive health strategies, integrative medical services, and nourishing foods in its purest form.    

Chef Bobby Chinn (photo source here)

Recently, international chef and restaurateur Mr. Bobby Chinn* was at The Farm At San Benito for a personal Detox Cleanse program.  He was recently interviewed by The New Paper Singapore about his healthy lifestyle and briefly shared his experience. 

Excerpt from the article ( *Mr. Bobby Chinn is a hugely popular culinary figure throughout Asia, both for his two highly-regarded restaurants in Vietnam, and for the award-winning TV series, World Café, which he has hosted on Discovery TLC for the past six years.

“I do my best to take at least one week off a year to detox. I recently spent four days at The Farm in San Benito (in the Philippines).  I get my blood analysed to ensure that I'm getting enough liquids, exercise, with the right levels of minerals and vitamin.  Then I proceed to change my lifestyle while I am there to develop and remind myself of good habits for a healthier lifestyle. It starts with diet, and most of the food is farm to table.  Although I eat and enjoy a lot of the food from around the world, I am generally more on a plant-based diet. The spa also provided me with a rich menu of therapies that de-stress, detox, reboot and recharge me to face long hours, time zone changes and very busy work schedule. I've been practicing self-love, and it feels so good.”

Indeed, The Farm at San Benito is an idyllic destination to focus on healthy, mindful living and it serves as the perfect environment for a wellness retreat.  

Stay at The Farm at San Benito and start a journey to a renewed you.

The Farm at San Benito
No. 119 Barangay Tipakan, Lipa City
Batangas, Philippines, 4217
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