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Easy Peasy Online Delivery thru


Nowadays, people are so busy on their daily routines and seems like 24 hours is not already enough for a day. Most of the time, we are in front of our computer – whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphones – to make other stuff works efficiently. I admit I am one of those people that, sometimes, have no time to take a break to look and buy for food; where client meetings are left and right.

The moment that I heard about, I know I should try it and see for myself how it connotes the easy peasy online ordering. Albeit, I’m not fond of ordering online using a third party platform because they have an additional charge and it takes longer than the usual whenever someone use it. Thus, I’d rather call the restaurant straight so that I can still save and I can expect that whatever I order, it will arrive on the timeframe provided.

On the other hand, FoodPanda is a great food online platform to deliver your orders straight to your doorstep or office without additional charges and delivery time. More so, it is really time efficient and no more waiting for the other line to respond and verify. All you gonna do is 1.) Enter your Location (City, Street Name or Barangay) 2.) Choose a restaurant 3.) Wait for the food 4.) Pay (you can choose between using your master or visa card or cash on delivery). As for me, I used my credit card for payment so no more hassle, I can just inform them to leave my orders to the receptionist and I’ll just get it there.

To give you more visual representation, please read on.

1. Enter your location. Then click “Find Food Now” button.

location, please?

2. Choose your restaurant (for the below screenshot, I filtered it to Online Payment and Pizza so it Restaurants that offers those are that one that will show up). Then click the “Go To Menu” button.


Once it is clicked, menu will show up. You just have to click “+” button to add your order. On the right side you’ll see Your Order summary and the estimated time of delivery (it’s real-time, so you already have an idea how much you gonna pay). Once done, click “Order” (I am doing a Preorder thus the screenshot shows “Preorder”) to be redirected to next step which is entering your details and payment.

choose your food

3. Enter you details and choose your payment. You have two (2) options – Cash on Delivery or Online Payment. I hope they’ll add Paypal soon. Click "Place Order Now" button.

payment options

Wait for the confirmation.

Order confirmation is through text message and email. Yes, they can have it both so whichever accessible to you, you can’t miss it for sure. By the way, here’s my first order using Yeah, you can see that the service charge remains at P30. Delivery time is 45 minutes but it was delivered in less than 30 minutes.

email confirmation

So now, being busy is not a reason to forget your lunch and indulge yourself on a great comfort food as they also have a wide array of restaurants as their partner such as TGIF, Wendy’s, California Pizza Kitchen and even my favorite Chooks-To-Go.

Probably, I would recommend this site. It’s easy, fast and time efficient. Well, I already suggest this site to my friends and officemates and they like it, too. One of the reasons they told me is that their orders is now 100% right and they saves time in ordering (well, sometimes they have to repeat their orders more than once to be sure but even doing so when it arrived it is not the correct one and no more calling again for follow-up). By the way, they also have promos. Hooray for that!

promos ongoing

P.S. You can also download the FoodPanda app at Google Play & App Store. Furthermore, ordering can be also done thru mobile.

Happy Eaters!

Have a great day! Hmmmmm.… I’m craving for Wendy’s baconator…


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