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Pizza 1954

Pizza 1954
Rootbeer Float
Chicken & Mojos
Pizza 1954

Finally, I tried this Pizza 1954 of Shakey’s. 

Sometime in July (this was super long overdue but better late than never, ayt?), the boyfriend and I craved for Shakey’s chicken so we agreed to dine at Shakey’s. What we ordered were their famous and my favorite float at far – Rootbeer Float, the 3-pc Chicken with Mojos and two orders of rice. And then, the waitress offers their new Pizza 1954 which priced at P450. Albeit, it’s pricey but I had to try it for me to satisfy my curiosity on what its taste because I’ve seen a lot of lifestyle and food bloggers says it was good upon reading their blogs. Well, let’s see.

Pizza 1954 is an oblong-shaped pizza; I guess it is 10 inches long and 6-7 inches wide. It has only one size. I believe pizzas long time ago was on that shape because they don’t have yet the perfect circle molding. What about the taste? Nothing special aside from the basil leaves on top it, for that price I can buy way better pizza than Pizza 1954. So, I found it pricey having its size and taste, the crust was ok though.

Still, Shakey’s is one of my good-to-go pizza restaurants and whenever that we have a pizza party in our office.


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