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Puka Beach

This photos were taken last year during my vacation in Boracay Island. Yeah, too late! But I do believe that it is better late than never. Right?

Anyway, going to Puka Beach is much easier than you have imagined since most of the tourists or people I’ve known thought that Puka beach is only accessible when you booked for an island activity on which, most of time, done during morning, as early of 7:00 am, to get rid of the excessive exposure under the sun which could cause skin irritation and the likes. On which a bit costly which is roughly around P1,500.00 and up depends on the number of person and the size of the boat.

As I’ve mentioned, going there can be as easy as a-b-c by riding a tricycle, fare ranges from P100-P150 good for 5 persons, at about 10-15mins you’ll reach the beautiful island. More affordable and you can go there anytime you want. You can bring food and have a little picnic as it is not crowded unlike the white beach, the sand is not that fine though.

There are also stalls for accessories and souvenir items which is mostly made of Puka shell, where the name of the island came from.

What I’m wearing: yellow dress from Forever21, accessories – earrings & bangles c/o Classioré, slippers from Ipanema, swimwear from Nudo Swimwear, shades from Folded & Hung, and watch from Swatch
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  1. Hi dear! I’m very happy for our friendship on IFB! watched a little bit your blog. Compliments. Really nice. Congratulations for this amazing photos!!! Kisses,


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