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Sharp’s PCI Technology enhances indoor air quality while removing Viruses

While it is true that the air we breathe outsider our home is largely out of our control, we cannot say the same thing about indoor air. We spend the majority of our time indoors, and yet we rarely think twice about the air we breathe inside. Indoor air quality is just as crucial to our wellbeing as any other environmental factors. The accumulation of dust, molds, and other gases that are emitted by everyday household activities can lead to poor indoor air quality – and you may not even be aware of it. As a result, you or those living with you can suffer ailments such as headaches, eye irritation, allergies and respiratory diseases.

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Sharp offers a more comprehensive and scientifically proven way to make sure your indoor air quality is healthy and safe for the whole family – Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Technology, providing “Clean and Safe Air Inspired by Nature”. PCI, an exclusive air purifying technology from Sharp, makes use of positive and negative ions – similar to the ones found in nature – to deactivate the effects of invisible airborne threats such as bacteria, viruses, and allergens. It can also reduce clinging odors and the growth of molds. It works by attacking microbes right on their surface protein, instantly limiting their hazardous risks. The broken down components of the protein then return to the air as water, which provides just enough moisture to the atmosphere.

PCI’s advantages have been proven by many leading scientific research laboratories in Japan the UK, USA, and Germany. These studies prove that PCI can eliminate the effects of airborne viruses, microbes, and molds by 99 percent; it can also remove airborne allergens and the static electricity which makes dust settle on surfaces. One way to measure its efficiency is its potency against odors.

Its success has made PCI a go-to tool to clean the indoor air in the offices of many organizations and industries worldwide. In Japan alone, it is being used in taxis, fast food chains, and factories to great and acclaimed effect.
Plasmacluster Ion Technology can counter many airborne threats because it is found in many of Sharp’s products. Plasmacluster Air Purifiers, which discharge high density Plasmacluster Ions, and Sharp’s Plasmacluster Inverter Air Conditioners purify the air in your home while providing cooling comfort. Because Plasmacluster Ion Technology is likewise effective in combating the growth of molds and preventing air dryness, it can also be found in select Sharp PCI Refrigerators.

With you and your family, there is no such thing as “too safe” – especially when there is a proven way to make sure your home environment is conducive to good health. Do not wave off a simple cough or a morning cold because this can lead to something more serious. Surround your home with clean and safe air inspired by nature, courtesy of Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology, to improve your daily life.

Trust Sharp to come up with products that aim to make your life easier and better – no frills and fuss, just simple engineering marvels for the home and beyond. All these are made as part of Sharp’s “Our Brand, Our Pride” philosophy, a commitment to uplift the quality of life of Filipinos by providing them with quality home appliance products.

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