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Celebrate the cold weather chills with Goya Everyday Instant Powdered Drink

Goya Everyday Instant Powdered Drink

The ‘bermonths may already be over, but the cold weather brought about by the Northeast Monsoon will continue to keep us wearing jackets, covered up in sheets, and craving for something to keep us warm for the next couple of months. And what better way to keep the temperature up than to have a cup of rich and creamy hot chocolate.

Goya Everyday Instant Powdered Chocolate Drink makes for a wonderful companion during this cold weather.  Made with premium cocoa powder for a luscious and indulgent chocolate-y taste, it easily and smoothly flows down your throat, carrying its own unique flavor that can awaken the mind, stir up passion, and add an extra dose of happiness.

With just one sip, you’ll feel it already taking away some of the chill of the season, while still allowing you to savor that wonderful chocolate flavor. Whether you want it hot or cold, Goya Everyday’s chocolate goodness is so easy to whip up as it does not require adding sugar or milk.

And if you’re the type who likes to spice up your chocolate drink, Goya Everyday offers two new exciting variants.

Goya Everyday Plus with Marshmallows

Goya Everyday Plus with Marshmallows, which further sweetens that lush chocolate flavor with marshmallow chunks.  Watch as the marshmallows dissolve and leave a foamy layer on top or immediately take a sip and feel them melting in your mouth amidst that chocolate goodness. These make it the perfect beverage as you spend hours of relaxing and intimate conversations with your family, or as you catch up on your favorite movies and TV shows in a DVD marathon with your friends. 

And for an added new twist to your chocolate drink, there is the Goya Everyday Plus Double Chocolate with Cinnamon. Not only does the Cinnamon amp up the taste of cocoa while lacing it with that spicy perky taste that is both soothing and stimulating, it is also good for the health as it is a natural anti-oxidant. This makes this drink your perfect everyday companion.

Goya Everyday Instant Chocolate Powdered Milk is available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.


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