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Caballete Artist’s Gallery: The Home of Art Gallery

Life is indeed beautiful by just appreciating arts and pieces an artists’ carefully and wholeheartedly made. Lines, colors, curves, and anything that would make one’s work into something and something that would make one into being a great artist. Good thing, there’s a venue now for them to showcase their beautiful creations thru Caballete Artist’s Gallery which is located at Kamias, Quezon City.

Caballete” is a Spanish word that means “easel”, an easel is the one that carries the artist’s canvas. While the owner of Caballete Artist’s Gallery named Mr. Ramon Araullo is a stockbroker and branch network head. He collected artworks and paintings from national artists, known artist and even give a chance to those newbie artist. One good investment though aside from stocks is to buy artworks and paintings. Why? Aside from you’re able to see physically what you’ve invested, the value also multiplies as time goes by. As per Mr. Ramon, he has paintings that he bought for only P30,000 and now, after 10 years, the value is already more than P300,000. See? How its value multiplies? Artworks also increased its value when the artist is already dead and when it becomes a national artist, too. Thus, having an eye keen for details when it comes to paintings is a talent. Hmmm… I aleady have my favorite paintings displayed in gallery and looking forward to buy even one of those the soonest possible. 

Sketch by National Artist Vicente Manansala, 1975 (selling for almost half a million)

With that, Caballete Artist’s Gallery was born out of a passion, a passion of one man to start a collection in the late 1980’s and collect the best of Philippine visual art, to showcase this collection and show the best of what the Filipino artist past and present have to offer. Caballete aims to cradle Filipino art pieces and place them in a pedestal where they belong, to emphasize talent rather than the dictates of commercialism. In the age online and mall shopping of art pieces where prices are driven by the extra cost of profit the middleman has to earn to cover his overhead.

Caballete Artist Gallery aims to be the, as I metioned earlier, a venue where would be aspiring artist and just plain art lovers  can be hands on, through  weekly activity tagged as an Art Lab, where a lead artist or an art master can share  and guide a group  the  rudiments of creating  masterpieces using various art medium.  Various forms of artistic talent will also be featured and encouraged in our venue, talents in music and the literary world would also be a weekly staple.

Mr. Ramon Araullo

The Art gallery aims to encourage groups of friends from all ages to just hang out and witness the visuals and at the same time learn the roots of Filipino art heritage through the sharing of information from art practitioners, a place where creative minds meet. 

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111-A Kamias Road, Kamias, Brgy. Malaya 4, Quezon City. (across Shell Gasoline Station)
Opens Monday- Saturday at 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m
Contact Nos.: (02) 945 25 73 | 0927 2600470
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