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[Travel] - Exploring Malabon via Food Tour

Last year, Malabon introduced the Malabon Tricycle Tour wherein you can explore Malabon by visiting its heritage sites for a minimal fee of P400 which I was invited but not able to join because of unexpected things that happened that day. Meanwhile, Malabon Tricycle Tour aims to boost Malabon tourism and aside from attracting more tourists to visit the city, the main goal is to give its people, especially, tricycle drivers another form of source of income. Not bad, because aside from learning and discovering new things about Malabon we also contributes on their living. Good job, Malabon Tourism!

Malabon Food Tour, with the driver a.k.a tourist guide Kuya Abril

Aside from the history that lies beneath the corners of Malabon like the San Bartolome Church (the 400-year old parish and the first city landmark), it is also known for its flavorful foods. Who does not know about their very own and yummy Pansit Malabon? Of course, most of us do but for foreigners and to those who does not step foot yet in Malabon City “now” is the time for you to do so. And I would suggest that you explore the city thru Malabon Food Tour.

San Bartolome Church

In line with that, here are the top six restaurants that would surely make your food adventure more fun and sumptuous. By the way, Malabon Food Tour is only for P600 which includes 6 coupons of different restaurants and a tricycle as your service for a half-day splendid food tour (more likely 5-6 hrs. depending on how fast you’ll eat).

Lugaw Express.

This is a family business that was passed onto generation over generation. Its door opens to “lugaw-lovers” (lugaw means porridge) since 1984 from 9am-11pm.It was a small shabby place filled with plastic tables and chairs. It only serves one dish which is the lugaw that only cost P10 per serving and comes with your choice of chicken parts: legs, breast, wing, feet, and/or liver and gizzard for additional cost of P30/each. Meanwhile, coupon enclosed with the tour package comes with 1 bowl of lugaw plus a choice of chicken part wherein I requested for liver and gizzard.

Just across Lugaw Express, there’s an Ibaviosa House which is part of the Malabon Tricycle Heritage Tour. It was built in 1940’s and has a lot area of 2,200 square meters. The Family Ibaviosa is also known in their Malabon Patis and until now they’re still making patis as one of their businesses. To those who are a fan of Ai-ai delas Alas, Anne Curtis and Lucky Manzano, you might distinguish this house as they used it for the “Ang Tanging Ina Mo” movie.

Hazel’s Bakery.

This bakery is known for its purest and whitest puto and puto pao. It is also a family business. When asked why it is white as milk, the owner simply answered that …because it is made of 100% egg white and while the egg yolk is also collected to make leche flan. We also had a chance to visit their kitchen where the puto is carefully and clean fully made of. The puto is for sale for only P13 while the puto pao is for only P15. Visitors are entitled to 1 puto and 1 puto pao by just presenting the Hazel’s Bakery coupon.

Jamico’s Restaurant – Home of Judy Ann Crispy Pata.

And just in time for lunch, our 3rd stop was at Jamico’s Restaurant, Home of Judy Ann Crispy Pata since 1974. To those who follow my Instagram account knows that I am a big fan of Crispy Pata, after office’s night out is always about Crispy Pasta. I’ve tasted and tried Crispy Pata from different restaurant-bars nearby our office in Makati City and I must say that Malabon’s pride really stands out! Jamico’s Crispy Pata was crisp, tender and in a big serving perfect for family or barkada. With the coupon, one is also entitled to taste and eat other palatable dishes Jamico’s Restaurant offers such as Torta Alimasag, Shrimp Embotido, and Chicken Pandan that comes with Jamico’s Fried Rice.

Dolor’s Kakanin.

Dolor’s Kakanin is known for their special kakanin and the original Dolor’s Kakanins are those in red packaging. We’re able to visit the place the kakanin is prepared and see how tedious it is being done because everything is prepared and made manually. Thus, it gives us the best taste that suited for our taste bud. The assorted small plate of Dolor’s Kakanin cost for only P65 (on which you will also get in exchange of your coupon). They’re also selling puto, pichi-pichi, bibingka, macarons and kuchinta.

Nanay’s Pancit Malabon.

I am already full by the time we set foot to Nanay’s Pancit Malabon, thus, in exchange of my coupon I opted to take home my plate of special Pancit Malabon which cost for only P55 instead of dining in. Good thing, Kuya Ruel decided to have his dined-in, hence, the photo below. As you can see, the serving is good for sharing.

Betsy’s Cakes.

Finally, our last stop - Betsy’s Cakes - the home of one-of-a-kind broas. Not the usual toasted and crunchy ones because Betsy’s broas is of soft and fluffy like mamon. Aside from that, they also have a wide array of breads and cakes to choose from and some refreshments, too. One’s coupon can be exchange to 1 pack which consist of 4 pieces Broas that cost P72/pack. By the way, they also have ube broas which I found a bit pricey because it costs P30/ea but it tastes good though.

Whew! That was a day where my tummy had a very enjoyable and filled with delicious foods that only Malabon has. Yes, because most of these restaurants are only found in Malabon and having a branches somewhere else is not an option for the business owners because it might connotes the quality and taste plus they wanted that people come back to Malabon for them to taste what it has to offer. All in all, it was a blast. I had fun and now I am aiming to explore Malabon even more. Well, here’s an option on how you can explore Philippines without spending too much.

For more information call Malabon Tourism Office: 281-4999 Loc. 1003. Or call/text the Malabon TODA Association at (0918) 651-7343; (0922) 950-1500; (0922) 809-3010.

What I’m wearing: sheer top from @yannaclothing (Instagram) | shorts from Sakura Shop | sandals from @lakhambini (Instagram) | tote bag from H&M | accessories from Classiorè | watch from Swatch
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