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Hi there, March!

Oh no, clock is ticking really fast! March already here, summer is it! But before anything else, March is also my birth month that’s why for this post I will be posting my 29 wishes on my 29th birthday on March 15, 2015. Papa God blessed me with so many things and as I enjoy my journey called life, am sure HE will bless me more. Thank you Papa God for all the blessings that you showered upon me. I love you!

B E  H A P P Y !

Meanwhile, here are my wishes listed randomly. So, sponsors, loved ones, and friends you know what to give already. Ha-ha. 

1. Good health for me, my family, my extended families and my loved ones.
2. Coron or El Nido Getaway. (Sponsors, anyone?)
3. More investments.
                3.1. To be more specific, open a Mutual Fund, either BDO or BPI.
4. Pay debts, credit cards, on-time to eliminate interest.
5. To have a healthy diet and lose weight. Target 120lbs.
6. Build an Emergency Fund. It should be 3x of my monthly income.
7. Blog at least 4-5 times a week until it becomes a daily routine.
8. Be kind.
9. Have more patience.
10. Happiness.
11. Think positive.
12. iPhone 6, so I can have a better IG photos. Ha-ha.
13. 50mm prime lens and extra battery for my mirror-less camera, Sony A6000.
14. More serious about business
                14.1. Clothing/Accessories business.
                14.2. Still, my dream business is salon/spa.
15. Travel more. (I am open for ex-deal and sponsorship.)
16. Be Friendly.
17. Stay in-love.
18. Save-up for my migration in Australia.
19. Lasik treatment at American Eye Center. ASAP.
20. Travel Fund once Emergency Fund is OK.
21. Open an account in COL Financial and engage in stock market.
22. Go out with friends more often. Gain more friends.
23. Quality time with P and the family.
24. House and lot investment.
25. Travel once a year with the family.
26. Eat out with the family once in every two months, my treat!
27. Travel solo? (Need to conquer this fear, near Metro Manila will do.)
28. Car (black Innova).
29. More birthdays to come.

Wow! Well, let’s see next year on my 30th birthday what I accomplished. Hopefully, all of them. 
Hugs & Kisses,
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