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I got #Fredified at Hairshaft Salon, Podium Mall

I always have a love-hate relationship with my hair. To start off, I have a curly hair the day I was born then technology comes in, relaxing and rebonding my hair to make straight comes handy, But then, because my curly stubborn hair always comes out every 4-6 months after treatment and by doing the process again, it gets dry, dull, frizzy and damaged. Maybe it is also my fault because I am too harsh with my hair - not properly taking care of it, not using the right product, ironing it, and a trip to the beach after treatment is what I usually do.


But just recently, I was awaken and realized that I should stop doing unnecessary things else the damaged will be worst, falling hair and the nastiest things that might happen is me being bald. Thus, I started my journey to make my hair back to its normal state. Still, I’ll go for straight one but of the healthiest and safest treatment.

I’ve been looking for a salon that deals with those people that has hair like mine. Looking for an option and reading tips around the worldwideweb is not an easy one because every treatment is advisable depending on your hair needs. Given the scenario that I am facing, a friend of mine suggested Hairshaft Salon located at the 3rd Floor, The Podium Mall, Mandaluyong City. Knowing it was located in Podium Mall I concluded that services offered were pricey. And upon searching on Instagram, it is where most of the known celebrities like Ellen Adarna and Sophia Andres go-to salon. Well, I was in the mood of pampering myself and bring back my hair’s life mood on that day and I know it was worth a try so my hair journey begins.

getting reading to be pampered

applying treatment

what a beautiful mess, can you spot Sophia Andres?

the hairshaft angels (l-r) - Miguel, Carl & Mr. Fred with the assistants

The staffs greeted and welcome me with a happy face upon entering its door. I was personally assisted by Hairshaft Salon’s owner Mr. Fred Penales. Well, I felt like a queen as 4 of his staffs were taking care of my hair as I was about to have my permanent Brazilian Blowout Treatment, P6,500 for my hair length, way better and healthier than of rebond because it does not contain harmful chemicals that damage your hair.

What are the benefits of Brazilian Blowout?
i. The treatment would certainly soften your curls.
ii. It is known to control frizz, especially in a tropical country like ours.
iii. It is a fantastic way for straightening wavy hair.
iv. It also adds shine to dull as well as damaged ends due to split ends.
v. Unlike for rebond, Brazilian Blowout lasts for six months according to you hair growth and type of product used.
vi. It makes your hair more manageable.

sadly i forgot to get his name, but thank you!

with Miguel

What I also liked and loved about Hairshaft Salon was that they’re making sure that their client was at its comfortable state and feeling okay. They offer water, hot or cold tea for free. The ambiance was cozy, full of happy and energetic staffs while surrounded of beautiful and wonderful people. Honestly speaking, my almost 3-hours stay was never a dull moment. All in all was experience was superb and my pampering me-time was blast. I love the outcome and, oh well, I look prettier while my hair looks fabulous. Now, I am planning for a second visit and have my hair to be pampered again by Mr. Fred and got #Fredified the second time around.  That was a delightful and remarkable experience, indeed!

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Hairshaft Salon
3rd Floor, The Podium Mall
ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong, PH
Contact No.: +63917 628 3906
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Have a Blessed Sunday!
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