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DC Super Heroes Cosplay Competition held at SM City Sta.Mesa

You’re much stronger than you think you are. Trust me. 

You only have your thoughts and dreams ahead of you. You are someone. You mean something.

With great powers comes great responsibility. 

DC Super Heroes Cosplay Competition - candidates

I bet, the above words sounds familiar! Yes?!  Absolutely! I, myself, grew up in a world of super heroes where villains didn't win against our favorite super heroes. Our super heroes are strong, unbeatable, someone that you can turn to whenever we needed and of course, became our idol. Thus, because of that characteristics that each super heroes have we come up with the idea of cosplay – the idea of dressing up like them and somehow be like them. Well, I will be forever a superwoman.

With that, I am glad to share that I witnessed a DC Super Heroes Cosplay competition yesterday at SM City Sta.Mesa hosted by Tim. 18 contestants battled against each other through modeling their costume on stage and with their witty answers during the short Q&A. It was an amazing experience to see kids, young adults and adults gracing their chosen super heroes and be in character. There were Cyborg, Super Girl, Hawk Girl, Superman, baby Superman, Cat Woman, baby Bat Girl and many more.

Going back to the competition, there were three winners who will step up on the next round that will be happening on April 18, 2015 at SM City North Edsa. Of course, monetary amount would be given to those who had won: First prize: P5000; Second prize: P3000 and Third pirze: P1000. Judges chose the winners with the below criteria:

CREATIVITY (Creative use of materials and innovativeness of contestant) – 40%
ACCURACY (Correct and proper usage of costume, props and other materials used by the contestant based on the actual character being portrayed. (See attached photos per character as reference) – 30%
STAGE PERFORMANCE (Contestant’s acting, memorization, representation, and presence. In short, how well they can act like a certain character, or how well they perform a skit, how well they present themselves in their cosplay, etc.) – 20%
AUDIENCE IMPACT (The response of the audience and contestant’s way of communicating with the audience) – 10%

A total of 100%

*drum roll* … and the winners for Super Heroes Cosplay Competition (SM City Sta. Mesa) that will be competing next week for the DC Comics Super Hero World Record Event at SM City North Edsa are...

Flash (2nd Place); Wonder Woman (1st Place); Hawk Girl (3rd Place)

Personally, my bet were Cyborg and Hawk Girl but unfortunately Cyborg didn’t make it, better luck next time Cyborg! Though Hawk Girl won the third place. Yehey, congratulations dear!

More so, better get ready to see more of our super heroes next week as the DC Super Heroes Cosplay Competition continues at SM City North Edsa. Be there and see the colorful and exciting super heroes.

Have a Blessed Sunday!
Hugs & Kisses,
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