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Comida Chefs – Your Foods-To-Go, Cooks On-The-Go & Kitchen On-The-Go

In line with my visit during the grand opening of the Caballete Artist’s Gallery in Kamias, Quezon City which I posted here is also the launched of Comida Chefs Restaurant which is located just upstairs of the gallery. This is a great venue for those interested with arts and yet can fancy with good foods the restaurant offers. This place is perfect for those who do business transaction or even just distressing from the chaos because its location is not crowded and yet very accessible and of course, it is classy and cozy.

Comida Chefs serves a multi-ethnic dining experience where flavors clash on purpose. ‘A multi-culti mix from geographically nowhere because it is from EVERYWHERE. Here, cooking is at a crossroads where everything collides! It serves comfort to those who demand new taste, thrills and culinary inventions. There is no limit to what they can go on your burgers.  It can be spiked with regional preserves and is served with multi-culti sauces and dips and are shareable food.  It is the home of pisco sours and ceviche in other words kinilaw. Well, Chef Danny has it all when it comes to cooking as he is trained enough to do so and he is crafted to create unusual foods with an international taste.

You can also try their healthier menus featuring “inherently nutritious items” full of fiber, omega-3, vitamins, and antioxidants. There’s no word as to whether we’ll also serve less fat, sodium, or sugar but that’s probably the next attractions. Plato brought favorite street dishes and transformed many these “ethnic” cuisines to become mainstream and expects you to sample even more of them regularly. Actually as a result, it has made us grow because many attest it has becoming an interesting place to eat.

Meanwhile, as what the title says, Comida Chefs is your food-to-go wherein you can take home their sumptuous cuisine or wherever you are going while enjoying it on-the-go. Cooks and Kitchen on-the-go as they also caters events like wedding, debut, anniversary, birthdays or whatever celebrations you wanted. They will bring all their cooks and even their kitchen to serve you nothing but the best and fresh from the kitchen meals.

Comida Chefs take great pride on what they do and they also know that they are only as good as our last event. We have a flair for the decadent and no matter what service you choose you will not be disappointed. They take their job very seriously but we do like to have a lot of fun while doing it! I guess, that’s the secret recipe on having great foods.

For more information you may visit COMIDA CHEFS at 2nd floor 111-A Kamias Rd. Quezon City

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