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Now! In Season Australia is Now Available in Robinsons Supermarket, Rustan’s Supermarket, S&R and Shopwise.

Finally! We can now taste the safe and quality, healthy and fresh fruits from Australia. I know right! No need to crave for those one-of-a-kind yummy and juicy fruits of Australia as they bring it here in the Philippines for us to indulge on grapes, apples, pears and many more. These fruits are grown and harvested in Victoria, Australia and shift via plane to preserve its freshness and quality.

Now! In Season Australia 

And last April 14, Now! In Season Australia was launched to officially let the public know that it will be available now in Robinsons Supermarket, Rustan’s Supermarket, S&R and Shopwise. I know you are also quite excited and curious to know how they produce such delicious fruits in Australia so let’s keep going, shall we?

(L-R) John Moore, CEO of Summerfruit Australia, Anthony Weymouth, Senior Trade
Commissioner of Austrade Manila, Olivia Tait, Market Development Manager of Apple & Pear
Australia LTD, Jeffrey Scott, CEO of Australian Table Grape Association
Now! In Season Australia

Summerfruit Australia Limited

Summerfruit Australia Limited (SAL) is the industry voice for the betterment of Summerfruit production for fresh apricots, nectarines, peaches and plums. It represents the interests of the Summerfruit industry on a national and international basis. It is the body recognized as the peak industry body for growers of Summer Stonefruit and has the responsibility for the management of the industry Marketing and R&D levy expenditure.

Approximately 700 growers nationally produce over 100,000 metric tons and currently export 13,000 metric tons to over 20 world destinations, principally Hong Kong, South East Asian regions-Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and now Philippines to name a few. Victorian regional centers of Swan Hill, Woorinen, Goulburn Valley and Cobram are renowned for producing over 65% of the national production.

Did you know that Australia has 3 recognized pest free areas, namely Tasmania, South Australia Riverland and the Greater Sunraysia area of North Western Victoria. Strict regulations by the Australian Government Biosecurity Department ensure that no pest and disease of concerns are either exported or imported from/to Australia.

And this could not be possible without John Moore, Chief Executive Officer, who’s been in this role for 7 years, and working in other facets of agriculture for 33 years, wherein the majority of this time is internationally. He is involved with the daily administration of Australia’s Stonefruit Industry, representing, Summerfruit producers interests on horticultural committees (domestic and export) and implementing the industry strategic investment plan and strategic marking plan. His key function is market development and market maintenance.

Australian Table Grape Association

Australian Table Grape Association (ATGA) is the Peak Industry Representative Body for the Australian table grape industry. It facilitates further growth of the industry, seeks to maximize its profitability and ensure its sustainability by providing platform for industry members to collectively respond to industry wide issues, invest in research and marketing, share knowledge, and interact with government and other stakeholders.

Jeffrey Scott, Chief Executive Officer, make sure that ATGA strategically invest growers levy funds into the latest research and development initiatives to enhance and improve quality of Australian grapes and drives the domestic and international promotional plans and activities to ensure the consumer eating experience is one of the best it can be.

Now! In Season Australia

Apple and Pear Australia Ltd.

Apple and Pear Australia Ltd. (APAL) represents and supports Australian apple and pear growers, they help to develop international markets by supporting fruit importers and by providing the following services:

1. Quality management training: APAL provides training to fruit importers and retailers to ensure the quality of the fruit is maintained right up until the point of sale.
2. In-store promotional support: APAL delivers materials and information to retailers to help showcase and promote the taste and quality of their fruit to consumers to boost sales.
3. Connecting growers with buyers: With Australia’s largest network of apple and pear growers nationwide, APAL can introduce buyers to growers to help build strong business relationships.
4. In-bound and out-bound missions: APAL regularly takes our growers to meet Asian fruit buyers and organizes trips for fruit buyers to Australia to visit their orchards and meet their growers.
5. Introduction of new varieties: With an excellent diversity of apples and pears and new varieties emerging, APAL has a unique capacity to showcase new varieties to buyers.

This is led by Olivia Tait, Market Development Manager, who is in-charge of developing markets for industry.

With that organization, we are sure that we are getting only the quality, safe, fresh and healthy fruits from Australia. I was blessed that I was part of that event because I was enlighten on what should be a healthy fruit should taste. Meanwhile, as the event went on, a cooking demonstration by Chef Tim Hollands came afterwards. Chef Tim Hollands is the owner and head chef of HF promotions and Tim Hollands catering. In this segment, he showed us how to incorporate fruits to our usual meal to make it healthier more especially for the kids. And of course, Ambassador Bill Tweddell was also present on the event to show his support and gave an awesome remarks.

cooking demo of Chef Tim Hollands
healthy waffle
cooking demo of Chef Tim Hollands

It was a fun night indeed, with healthy fruits and sumptuous meals provided to us plus the great ambiance of Harbor Garden Deck Area, Sofitel Plaza Manila. Knowing and learning tips on how to prepare delicious meals with Now! In Season Australia fruits was such an overwhelming experience.

Meanwhile, if you know more information please visit the following:
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Summerfruit Australia:
Australian Table Grapes Association:
Apple and Pear Australia Ltd:

Pear recipes:
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* Now! In Season Australia is available in Robinsons Supermarket, Rustan’s Supermarket, S&R and Shopwise.

Be Healthy, Eat Healthy!
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  1. That is a really cool event and the venue looks wonderful. I would try out some bit of Australia next time I go shopping in Robinsons.

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