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Flavour your life in such a way that anyone who thinks he or she is biting or back-biting you, will rather take smiles away unexpectedly and with surprises.” Israelmore Ayivor

I choose to live my life to the fullest, living each day with gratitude and at least make it to be kind to almost everyone even if they are not good on me. Maybe the right attitude on dealing with people who are not-in-the-good-mood (on which I always think people who are into doing something not good is on that state that’s why they come up with a certain behavior or act not pleasing to me or to somebody else) is one of my weakness which turns out my strength now. Grateful with those motivational videos and articles that I used to read and to those I signed up for a daily and weekly inspirational mantra.

For now, I am living and choosing the life of happiness and have positive attitude and good character can help one’s life to be meaningful and full of love and hope. I did and still do, hence, I am so thankful with the opportunities coming on my way. Life is wonderful, indeed! So forget about the drama and have fun!

Meanwhile, I want to share with you my love some of my life’s happening for the past days (May 1-9, 2015) which I posted on Instagram (yes! Please do follow me on my IG as updates are posted more often) wherein mostly travels. Wooohooo! I am so happy that I was able to visit again the beautiful island of Boracay and experienced #LaBoracay (story on a separate post, stay tuned!).

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OOTD - after Paraw Sailing with P.
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Lugar Bonito Hotel, our Santorini-inspired room. 
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Ube Milk Shake to beat the heat  from Obama Grill, Station 1. 
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Chill time at Spider House, Station 1.
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The Beachfront, Station 2! 
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What a beautiful sunset captured while I'm in Jonah's Shake Restaurant, Station 1.
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Boracay Island at night, Station 2. Colorful couches for more relaxing happy hour.

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