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LaBoracay with Jungle Circuit Party

4/11/2017 10:48:00 PM 1
Labor Day is approaching and what could have been a better way to celebrate Labor Day ?  Of course, to indulge on a beautiful i...

Boracay Island: Paraw Sailing

1/18/2016 09:57:00 PM 4
I’ve been to Boracay Island for several times but it doesn’t mean that I also able to try all the activities or must-to-do when in Boraca...

Baling Hai Beach Resort – Boracay

6/05/2015 12:15:00 AM 7
Howdy Guys, Gals, and my fellow travelers! It’s been a week of exciting adventures – life, work and travel (… and trading, lol). This is t...

#thedailyposhlife on Instagram

5/09/2015 10:25:00 PM 0
“ Flavour your life in such a way that anyone who thinks he or she is biting or back-biting you, will rather take smiles away unexpectedl...

#LaBoracay: Jungle Circuit Party

4/21/2015 10:14:00 PM 0
Romeo Cavalcante Who’s excited for LaBoracay (Labor Day in Boracay)? Raise your hands and feet! Well, friends and I are all excite...

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