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Boracay Island: Paraw Sailing

I’ve been to Boracay Island for several times but it doesn’t mean that I also able to try all the activities or must-to-do when in Boracay Island. As of this writing, I still haven’t tried the cliff diving while most of my friends already did. Hopefully, I could have the guts on my next visit. Meanwhile, one of the activities that I have tried, together with P, was the Paraw Sailing. It was Labor Day by then and there were so many booths present along D’Mall and by the white beach which offered a lot of items in a discounted price. One of those was the Nestea booth. Right after check-in at Boracay Uptown Hotel, P and I headed to Smoke Restaurant located in D’Mall to have some lunch and while we were on our way to the restaurant, one of Nestea promo girls approached us and encouraged us to avail their offers which was to buy 2 liter packs of Nestea iced tea that comes with a tumbler for only Php70 and voila, we can choose between 30-minutes body massage by the beach or 30-minutes Paraw Sailing. So, I guess, by now, you’ll already know what we chose – Paraw Sailing!

Paraw Sailing - Boracay Island, Aklan, PH

As for the normal rate, Paraw Sailing can be avail for Php400 per person for 60 minutes, so, availing the promo gave us a huge discount. Plus, we still have iced tea to quench our thirst, right? Well, traveling with so much events happening on the island can also give some alternatives on what to do, aside from partying all-night long (free party at the White House), you can also grab those opportunities that you’ll be able to get some activities for FREE. Though, you have to embraced that there will be too much crowd and a bit pricey accommodation since it is at its peak season. Paraw is a double outrigger sail boat native to the Visayas region of the Philippines. It is similar to a proa, but the paraw has two outriggers or katig. In Boracay Island, it can accommodate 8 persons, having 4 on each side. Well, sitting on the net while your feet can touch that water was such an awesome feeling, especially, if the paraw sails faster than usual due to strong wind. Sailing for me was like appreciating more of life and nature’s beauty. Better try it and include Paraw Sailing on your itinerary.

What I'm wearing: Le Pliage Longchamp; Reef flipflops; origami shorts bought online; sassa swimwear; Yanna Clothing cover up 

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