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Baling Hai Beach Resort – Boracay

Howdy Guys, Gals, and my fellow travelers! It’s been a week of exciting adventures – life, work and travel (… and trading, lol). This is the life I always envision – having a work and life balance. Anyways, live and real-time updates about my daily adventures are posted on my IG account: @aylinvedad, so, please do follow me. *wink*

Meanwhile, I am at my best when I am with the beach and nature. That’s why a getaway is a must for me whether it is quick or not, more likely those over-the-weekend travels are just a few hours away from the metropolis. But for the longer ones that I have to file vacation leave/s at work and to immense myself in the vastness of the wonderful places I’ve chosen to be with – to regain my energy, to write my dreams, to achieve my goals and draw my future life – I will always look for a sanctuary that could give me those things without even noticing at all. I tend to deal with hidden gems within paradise where my luxurious days will be spent.

BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay

And with that said, who would have thought that there’s still a paradise within a paradise in the island of Boracay? Boracay Island itself is already a gem that’s why I’m a frequent visitor of this island and knowing and discovering that there’s still a place for me to do the things I always consider when traveling – relaxing, rejuvenating, tranquil, and a haven away from the loudness of the crowd – could be mine even if it is summer… and during in the most celebrated event of the year in the island, LaBoracay days. Yes, you can still enjoy the lavishness of the surrounding with the comfort of having your own resort at Baling Hai Beach Resort. So right after spending nights of partying at Station 2, the boyfriend, my friend, and I decided to have that “its-a-must-vacation” in a secluded and yet one of the promising beach resorts of Baling Hai.

BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay  
Baling Hai Beach Resort already exists for over 30 years. It was founded in 1983 by Jose “Otik” Macavinta. Baling Hai is derived from the Visayan local term “balinghoy” which refers to cassava plant. Way before, it was a cassava plantation before it becomes a paradise where tourists and locals can endure themselves on the beauty it has. Baling Hai Beach Resort is now an eco-resort hidden among the cliffs within a private cove with three pristine small beaches without damaging the wonders of nature. And with that said, I am giving you six reasons why Baling Hai Beach Resort – Boracay is a paradise within paradise and a must-stay/visit resort when in Boracay Island.

BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay  
1. Affordable and spacious rooms with superb and airy veranda view.

Of course, vacation should not be costly for you to have that relaxing and best-vacation-ever. Baling Hai Beach Resort offers different rooms that you can choose from suited on your budget. The Bat House is a non-air-conditioned room with a big bed, uniquely designed bathroom and a veranda; the Cliff House is an air-conditioned room with outdoor and airy bathroom that has an ocean-view veranda; the Garden House is a 2-air-conditioned bedroom house with a terrace, a garden with Jacuzzi and hot water. This room is perfect for a family of five; there’s also a Hill House, Rock House, Tree House which also comes with a great view and has a unique design; and last but not the least, the Green House where my friends and I stayed. Green House is for as low as P6000 (room only) good for 2 persons and an additional of P1680 for extra person. Rooms are uphill, thus, giving everyone the most peaceful and magnificent view.

Green House is an air-conditioned room with an overlooking ocean view at the veranda. It has one queen-sized bed and additional mattress for an extra person. It also has writing desk, mini-compartment, refrigerator, telephone, electric fan and in-room safe. While entering on its green door (that feels like and looks like we are on a movie entitled Narnia where we are transported into something magical, in this case, its paradise), a spacious veranda with table and chairs will greet you a warm welcome. Everyone was just uttering the word “Wow!”

BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay  
2. You have your own beach!

Baling Hai Beach Resort has three small beaches and since it is secluded paradise you have your own beach resort! In the morning, I got myself the three beaches so I have more time for photo ops and captured every corner of it without any hindrance or someone that would interrupt me doing so. During lunch time, there were people but still minimal. During our stay, there were only five foreigners swimming on the main beach where the restaurant/bar is also located.

BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay
BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay

3. Lazy-ing in the hammock in your bikinis with sand in your toes, salt in your hair and sun kissed while having a breath-taking and most relaxing view.

Yeah! You read it right, pals! Well, I just wanted to say that I had the best hammock in my entire life – in my comfy bikinis and in my favorite place, the beach! Sand in your toes, salt in your hair and wind in your face, literally! Look up, and there’s a sunshine lying on the clear blue sky that connotes endless possibilities; look down, small fishes are swimming on high tide or fine sand on low tide that made me appreciate everything that God bestowed upon on me and be amazed on how wonderful our world is; look eye level, there’s a different shades of blue, the calm salt water that deals with infinity. And well I guess this is the life I’ve been dreaming of.

BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay  
4. Experience the romantic dinner by the beach with your loved ones and even with a friend.

Baling Hai Beach Resort is a home of romantic proposals and wedding ceremonies as it is already celebrated numerous beautiful love affairs which are also featured on television. With that, they are already expert on providing romantic getaways that every person’s stay in this resort more memorable. Since I have a complimentary romantic dinner for two at the beach, I couldn’t express how grateful my friends and I to experience having a candle-lit dinner over sumptuous foods while the sounds of the waves that crashing to the shores and chirping birds were music to our ears.

BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay  
5. Every corner is picture perfect and Instagram-worthy!

Oh well, can you just visit my IG account, @aylinvedad)? Ha-ha. Or might as well, search #BalinghaiBeachResort on IG to see what I meant! Pictures speak a thousand words and I bet, it will quietly explain its beauty.

BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay  
6. Strong Wi-Fi connection.

And this one is the best! As for me that wanted to be online almost all the time to update my family and friends on my whereabouts and whatnot, Wi-Fi is a must for me and Baling Hai has it! Ha-ha. Even the boyfriend couldn’t believe that he can play online while in the paradise. Mind you, this is also the time where APEC is in Boracay and most of the connections were limited. We had a hard time when we’re in the white beach that’s why it was such a relief that we could watch movies without any timeout log on our phones since there’s no available television in our room. Yeah, no TV in the resort which I guess there way of saying to get disconnected on the outside world and just embrace the magnificence it gives. Well, can I just say that I would love enjoying the both world? Ha-ha.

BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay BalingHai Beach Resort - Boracay
To sum it all, the experience is wonderful and would love to visit Baling Hai Beach Resort once more. And I strongly suggest that you should try to stay here, too! Albeit, you will love Boracay Island even more. I can’t wait for my next visit and hopefully I will see you there!


SEA FOOD PLATE: Php 650.00 
Starter: Mussels or Oyster
Main Course: Fish (grilled or sliced cooked in rosemary leaves), Squid (calamares or grilled), Prawns (grilled or fried in garlic). Plain Rice, Tomato Cucumber Salad
Dessert: Hot Ginger Banana or Fresh Fruits


Starter: Mussels or Oyster
Main Course: Fish (grilled or sliced cooked in rosemary leaves), Squid (calamares or grilled),
Prawns (grilled or fried in garlic), Crabs (cooked in coconut milk or steamed). Plain Rice, Tomato Cucumber Salad, Mango Salza
Dessert-choices: Apple Crumble, Cream Caramel, Hot Ginger Banana or Fresh Fruits


·         Starter: French Fries or Aubergine Chips
·         Main Course: Fish (grilled or sliced cooked in rosemary leaves), Chicken (Grilled or Fried) Pork Chop (Grilled or Fried), Plain Rice, Tomato Cucumber Salad
·         Dessert: Hot ginger Banana or Fresh fruits


Starter: French Fries or Aubergine Chips
Main Course: Fish (grilled or sliced cooked in rosemary leaves), Garlic Shrimps, Chicken(Grilled or Fried), Pork(Grilled or Fried), Plain Rice, Tomato Cucumber Salad, Mango Salza
Dessert- choices: Apple Crumble, Cream Caramel , Hot Ginger Banana or Fresh Fruits

WHITE/RED WINE per Bottle: Php 600.00

               Down at the beach with candle lights and bonfire.
For reservation Please call (036) 288-3646
Fifty percent (50%) deposit is required to confirm the reservation.
Drinks are not included.
Prices and food list are subject to change without prior notice.


* * *
BalingHai Beach Resort – Boracay 
Hagdan, Baling Hai Rd, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, 5608
Contact No.: (036) 288 3646

* * *

Hugs & Kisses,
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  2. I do love to go to a place that leaves you uttering, 'wow.' :) The pictures look great. I'd def. love to visit.

  3. Wow this looks like a very relaxing place, somewhere I need to visit after my son graduates high school. Love your pictures.

  4. What a fantastic vacation spot and photos. I can see myself relaxing here and enjoying the beach and lovely weather.

  5. How much will the romantic dinner for two cost if its not complimentary? Or does it come in a package along with the room you got?? This year in july, I will be travelling to Boracay for the very first time and I'd like to make the best out of it without crouds of people.

    1. Hello Teng! Thanks for your inquiry, please see above updated post. Dinner for two should be availed separately. Please call BalingHai Beach Resort for setup and bookings. Thank you and hoping you have a great time in Boracay. :)


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