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[Food] - Catching up Over Coffee at Café by the Ruins Dua

It’s been a while since I traveled with my fellow bloggers because these past few months, I was not into attending events because of my hectic and yet productive schedule and some errands that I attended to that connotes with my brighter future. Yeah, quite skeptical on how my future should be – a housewife running a business, have an enough money for my travels and staycations that the future husband need not to worry about, and giving the best of both worlds to my children – as simple as that! And for me to achieve it, I have to work harder than it should be plus proper time management. YES! My enthusiasm on achieving those dreams and goals of mine is getting stronger day-by-day. Thank you God for guiding me and please always do so! I know you will, right.

Arabica Coffee

Meanwhile, right after dinner at Kalapaw – The Taste of Laoag restaurant in Baguio City which caters a variety of dishes from North Luzon, specifically, Laoag (I’ll write a separate post about it my dear, watch out for it), some of my blogger friends and I headed to Café by the Ruins Dua. Well, I haven’t been to the original Café by Ruins that’s why I insisted that we should go to its second branch on which I was very glad and happy that they were also willing to have some coffee and had a little talk - big and funny ones and others were gossips. Ha-ha. Though, I can’t really compare and spot the differences of the two cafés.

orchids for real! 
stairways - way up to second floor
table's centerpieces and yes, fresh and real flowers
Cafe by the Ruins DUA
framed photographs hanging on the wall
menu - page was on pastries and prices

I was astounded by the cafe's ambiance – relaxing, serene and surrounded with lots of inspiration. From its modern interior design to the photographs on a frame hanging on the wall, which are a great collections of the owner from their various trips in and outside the country. The other part of the café serves as the gallery for the Cordillera’s arts and crafts. Well, can’t wait to do the same on my best of the best photographs from different places that I traveled. 

Café by the Ruins Dua is a two-storey café that caters almost everything. They serves rice meals, pasta, sandwiches, breads, coffee and tea, and many more. Since, we were came from a buffet dinner we just opted for light snacks. I ordered their Arabica Coffee and cheesy ensaymada, while others had cold coffee, hot chocolate, cinnamon roll and croissant.

view of second floor
home-y ambiance, right?
arts and crafts
coffee and cinnamon roll
hot chocolate

Their Arabica Coffee is quite unique when it comes to the taste. It has a hint of ginger taste which I found quite odd but eventually tasted good afterwards. Well, seems like it is not the type of coffee I would like having when I needed a coffee fix yet I was still thankful that I tried Café by the Ruins Dua. The cheesy ensaymada was fine and kind of not worth it for its price as well as the croissant. It is not something that would make me crave for it. Though, Café by the Ruins Dua, as I mentioned earlier, has a lot to offer to its patronage and first-timer visitor. I’ll still going back to this café and try their other offerings that I am sure worth a try and will be suited on my taste bud and perhaps, will have some recommendations for you to try, too.

But for now, let me hope that I’ll be in Baguio City anytime soon so I could try the original Café by the Ruins.

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Cafe by the Ruins Dua 
Upper Session Rd, Baguio, Benguet
Phone No.: (074) 442 4010
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  1. I've tried their Ruins coffee since it is their signature coffee but I didn't like it.

    Hope to catch up with you over a cup though ;) I miss you!

  2. lives up to its promise of Singapore's signature drink. While waiting for my order (which took a while), I was able to observe their preparation that followed the more traditional method of drip and steeping the coffee grounds. By experience, these method gives a fuller body to the drink which will require place calgary


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