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Can You Afford to Adopt a Child?

When you can’t have a child of your own for whatever reason, you might consider adopting one. The main issue that people have with adoption is the expense, as it does cost a fair amount of money. The good news is that financing and funding options are available for those who are serious about adding to their families. Agencies are always meeting adoptive families to go over these funding options with them.

Tax Credit

The federal government implemented the Adoption Tax Credit to eliminate some of the financial burden that adoptive families experience. Under this program, families that make under $201,010 per year will receive the full amount of tax credit, which is $13,400.

Adoption Grants

Those who are struggling to come up with the money to adopt a child might want to look into the various grants and interest-free loans that are available. These programs are available through a variety of different organizations on an as-needed basis. The amount of money that you can receive depends on your current financial need and the amount of money that the organization currently has available.

Loans and Financing

In some cases, financing might be your only choice. Luckily, many banks will approve adoption loans at lower interest rates than your credit cards. Remember, every penny counts when you are raising a family. 
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