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Begin Again

I'm feeling quite anxious on things that happening around me - work and non-work related. Nothing serious though I am just feeling that my set timeline is approaching fast that seems like a wind running towards my face without any notice. So, for now, to keep myself focused, listening to the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies, "Begin Again" is my motivation to keep me awake and on track.
Yes, there's always a new day to begin again and get things done. The most important thing is you get started, maybe there's a sudden de-tour, but at least you are on your way.

Have a great day! Trust HIM, it works!

On the other note, I'm excited to travel up north with P, travelling with my boyfriend/bestfriend/partner is always a must have for me, to catch up on things, do silly and random things together, discovering new things about each other and learning together. But then budget is a hindrance for most of us but no matter how simple it is, what matters most is you are together and HAPPY. With that, see to it that you plan your travels ahead of time (there's always an early bird promo) and score big discounts!

Have a great time!

Hugs & Kisses,
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