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Sto. Tomas, Batangas and the convenience of living in the South via Ovialand Inc.

Howdy Guys & Gals and everyone out there who wanted to make the best out of their life. Perhaps, something that worth trying or doing that your older self will be thankful for doing so during your younger years. Or maybe, something that could harness your strength and overcome your fear and weaknesses. For me, being inconsistent on almost everything that I do is something that I need to focus and work on. Can you even believe that as I write this post, a motivational talk I found on YouTube about “How to overcome Laziness?” is playing on the background. Well, a good start for me to ponder on things and thoughts to become a better me. I am looking forward on that and I assure you guys, you’ll see my improvements on this blog of mine. Well, Dream and Act.

Meanwhile, I love to travel. And as I grow older I realized that travelling is one of the greatest possession on this world that could bring so much joy and happiness to an individual, well for me it does. But what if, you’re not that kind of person that grew up with a silver spoon, well, I guess, you have to work hard to achieve those dreams of yours. You have to work hard for you to cross out, one by one, your bucket list of places you wanted to visit. Me, I do. I always put 101% on everything I did and still doing to reap a better reward. But yeah, sometimes being on that scenario causes too much stress and agony but I know we all have the options to make it a bit lighter and achievable.
One of the hindrances that I am facing right now is my long travel time from home going to work and vice versa. A minimum of 4-5 hrs. were spent on the road due to traffic and some circumstance like heavy rains that will causes flood everywhere. With that daily routine, I am already wasted my 1,460 hours out of 8,760 hours a year. Though, some can maximize those times that they were in traffic like reading books, listening to audio books, watching movies, creating stories and blah blah but a tired body can no longer do anything when I get home. Right? Most of the times, I just eat my dinner and sleep and wake up early to go to work. That’s my daily routine which is no longer healthy. Thus, looking for an option where I can still breath fresh air and yet still do my work done is one of my goals for the coming years.

Looking for a better place with a better location is an answer to my day-to-day misery of travelling from home to work back to home. And just in time, I got an invite from Ovialand. Inc. to showcase their latest offering from the south – Terraza de Sto. Tomas. It was only almost an hour ride from Makati to Sto. Tomas via SLEX and Star Tollway on which I never imagined that travelling to the South was smooth like that and much lesser travel time than to the North. Sto. Tomas is not the province that we picture out, it is a bit modern and yet not crowded and providing quality and world class amenities. It is a booming province that is very near to the hustle and bustle city life of the Metropolis. The National Shrine of Saint Padre Pio, which has a perfect view if Mt. Makiling, is located nearby, Lyceum of the Philippines University that offers world class education is just a jeepney-ride away, to those young professionals who wanted to shift on a competitive career path, First Philippines Industrial Park also located in Sto. Tomas caters more than a hundred local and international companies that of course, give a decent and attractive salary.

I was at awe during the time that we toured around Sto. Tomas, Batangas. It was like an awakening tour to every professional that experiencing the hassle of the Metro. How I wish my savings are more than enough to have a property offered by Ovialand Inc. so that I can indulge myself in the beauty of nature and having the best days of my life. Meanwhile, let me share with you some thoughts and words to ponder from Ms. Fatima Olivares-Vital, Business Unit Head of Ovialand Inc. She will enlighten you the way she did to us during our tour on why Sto. Tomas, Batangas and what are the advantages of living in the South. Kindly read on.

There is a tendency in modern society to prefer city living over a more rural way of life. The narrative for this is simple: Cities are where all the happenings are, whether these are developments that shake the country or lifestyle opportunities that keep people in their toes.

Metropolitan life, however, has its fair share of flaws. The chronic traffic, flooded roads, and pollution are proof that the city is now supporting more than its capacity. As these challenges show no sign of letting up, more and more people are asking, “Is there an alternative to city living?”
“It’s all about options,” answers Fatima Olivares-Vital, “The government is actively looking for ways to make these citywide problems more bearable and one of the options they are looking at is to decentralize the congestion in Manila by directing growth to other areas.”

The South is a strong contender for this, with Sto. Tomas, Batangas as one of the most promising provinces. Olivares-Vital explains, “The province can definitely keep up with the progress of big cities while still retaining its rural charm.

Ready for the modern Filipino
Often, the primary drivers behind the enthusiasm of people to live in big cities are the opportunities available and their proximity to them. According to Olivares-Vital, living in the South also offers these and so much more. “Sto. Tomas has the infrastructure and the resources to support the demands of the modern Filipino. There are hospitals, schools, and entertainment hubs that are at par with those in the metro.”

Career opportunities are also transforming the once rural town into a competitive job market. The fast moving growth in technoparks which are home to over 300 multinational corporations—including Fortune 500 companies—and the increasing number of large companies relocating to the South set the groundwork for a stable employment environment. Additionally, Sto. Tomas is steadily gearing up as a promising landscape for entrepreneurs. As progress in the area continues, so is the demand for more providers who can support the widening needs of its population.

Live outside-the-box
Dubbed as the gateway to the Southern Metro, Sto. Tomas offers the best of both worlds. While the city is competitively keeping up with the conveniences of the Metro, it retains a rustic, peaceful charm signature to the Southern brand of living.  Olivares-Vital says, “In Sto. Tomas, the lifestyle starts with the quality of living. Imagine not having to feel nervous every time it rains because of the reliable drainage systems or knowing that you can go home on time to your family because you won’t have to worry about the traffic. This is how you can really enjoy life.”

The activities available within the vicinity also ensure that everyone can find something that will cater to their interest. Beaches, hiking spots, and lifestyle centers are always teeming with activity and are sure to entertain the most outgoing of souls.

Terrazza de Sto. Tomas, a property developed by Ovialand Inc., is a premier development that is set in the heart of these attractions. The 5.8-hectare property aims to provide an exclusive reprieve as well as easy access to the province’s center of activities. The master-planned development is close to industrial parks and companies, schools, churches, and medical institutions.

Olivares-Vital gives one last advice for those looking for a different brand of lifestyle, “You have to look for options. Changing your lifestyle means you have to try and solve the problem using new ways. How we live and how we hope to live should not be different things. Think—and live—outside the box.”

Ovialand, Inc. a subsidiary of MCDC, with over 28 years of experience in housing development. No project undelivered in the history.
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• From your house purchase all the way to the property management, we strive to do our best to give you the quality and lifestyle you deserve.

On the other note, plan your travels ahead and score big discounts!

Have a great time!

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