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A Quick Guide to Bohol, PH

Howdy Guys and Gals! Be safe going home tonight, dearies. Life is full of adventure though there were, sometimes, mishaps along the way, what matters most is you’d learn something from it that would make each and every one of us a better person, if not that way, then perhaps, someone that could make our future self will be proud of. Right?! Anyhow, I’ve been to Bohol with my friends last August. Though it was more of relaxation and catching up with our life, it was a blast! We still managed to insert a bit of adventure as we embraced the idea of availing the Countryside tour and made sure that we visited the famous chocolate hills – on which not-so-chocolatey that time because of the rainy season. Meanwhile, here’s a quick guide to Panglao Island, Bohol for those who are planning a trip to one of the best Philippine destinations. 

So, let’s get started. Note: I am not a backpacker type of traveler though.

Bellevue Resort beachfront 


We went there during the off-peak season but even though that it’s off-peak rates at Bellevue Resort was quite expensive. We booked via Agoda to score discount for our last minute decision on where to stay. Was it worth it? Hmmm… better read my post about our experience here. Nevertheless, we liked and loved its serene view and beachfront façade. Though, I am still looking forward to stay in Amorita Beach Resort or on its sister-company Momo Beach, maybe next time.

Eat & Drink

We haven’t explored that much on food and drink since most of the time, we just stayed in the resort and just ate on their in-house restaurant, Marea Al Fresco Dining. Their pinakbet and sizzling salmon are a must try. For a lunch buffet with a touch of Filipino culture and cuisines better try the Floating Restaurant at Loboc River, you’ll be serenaded and cruising at the river while indulging on Filipino dishes, a buffet lunch is at the rate of Php500 per person. Come at night, we went to Alona Beach where the night life is and have dinner by the beach on a very cheap price.

See & Do

Countryside tour. A fee of Php2000 for 8-hour car rental (good for 4 persons) with a driver to tour your around to see and be captivated by its beauty. See the amazing Philippine Tarsier, have a view of an oldest church in the country, Baclayon Church (partially closed because it is under repair, damaged by an earthquake) & Dauis Church and have a little talk over a great taste coffee at Café Lawis, walk across the Bamboo Hanging Bridge, have a photo-ops in Bilar Man-made Mahogany Forest, and Butterfly Garden.

Come the next day, it’s an island hopping day. Play with the colorful fishes by snorkeling at Balicasag Island and swim at the less crowded Virgin Island with a white powdery sandbar.


For souvenirs, Aproniana Souvenir Shop is included in the countryside tour. When in Bohol, peanut kisses is one of the popular pasalubong and peanut fingers tastes good (my new favorite, it’s a must try!). Note, peanut kisses is much cheaper in Island City Mall. For natural honey, come and visit Bohol Bee Farm.

Good to know

Panglao Island is located in the southwest of Bohol. It is the more peaceful part of Bohol way perfect for a relaxing vacation. It is a 10-15-minute drive to Alona Beach, which is noted for its white sand and clear water and where cheap and affordable restaurants and hotels can be found.

complimentary breads at Marea Al Fresco Dining, Bellevue Resort

our table with lots of Filipino cuisines during our Loboc river cruise 

 Floating Restaurant at Loboc River

 Chocolate Hills

 an ootd with Chocolate Hills in the background

 buffet table at Floating Restaurant in Loboc River

scenic view from Bellevue Resort 

ongoing repair of Baclayon Church 

rainy afternoon at Bilar Man-made Mahogany Forest

photo-op with the locals in the background

peanut kisses and peanut fingers!

Remember, plan your travels ahead and score big discounts!

Have a great time!

Hugs & Kisses,
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