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New Beginnings, Happy New Year!

2016. New Year. New Beginnings.

Another year has come to an end and I would like to acknowledged how grateful and blessed my 2015 was. Though there will be some challenges that I faced and met along the way. But nevertheless, every obstacle that I’ve been through contributed a big impact in my life. It made me realized how wonderful life could be by just having a positive perspective, looking at the bright side, focusing on solution in every problem. To top it all, life indeed is a blessing from up above that we should always treasure. So, as cliché goes, live life to the fullest. Live, laugh, & love. Every experiences that we’d been through and will be encounter will make us grow and help us to become a better person.

with my niece, Gail, during our family getaway at Aquaria Beach Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas, PH

For this post, no mushy and long list of new year resolution (that most of the time, I can’t achieve!). What I have is my top 10 things that I am very much thankful for the year 2015 and top 10 things that I look forward for this year, 2016.

Thank you, 2015!
1.        Family – who always supporting me for all my endeavors.
2.        Friends – who always there for me in times that I needed them most without asking them to do so.
3.        Office-mates – who lifted me up and down. No matter what they did, they made me stronger and realized that people come and go, and there’s only few people who you can really trust. Happy to have genuine few people in my life at work.
4.        Job – that allows me to collaborate with others and let my creative thoughts out.
5.        Blog – that brought me so much opportunities.
6.        PR/Advertising Agency – who trusted me with their brands and for letting me experience services with special treatment. That’s awesome!
7.        Travel – been to places that I always hoped and prayed for. By far, Batanes won the best spot!
8.        Investments – Finally, I entered the world of stock market.
9.        Health – not on a healthy side because of not-so-good health condition that I encountered last year due to acute gastroenteritis. But I am very thankful that I did medication without undergoing operation. Cheers!
10.      God – To God be the glory, all of the blessings, lessons learned, experiences, happiness were from Him. Thank you so much, Papa Jesus!

Having that said, my top 10 things that I look forward for 2016 are also connected with what I am thankful for. I am so glad that I have another year to begin a new chapter in my life to do more, to learn more, to experience more, to be happier and to love more… and to be a blessing to others!

Looking forward on 2016!
1.        More family time. Come summer, we will be in Roxas City and Boracay. J
2.        Meet friends more often.
3.        Know my officemates more, know their personality and vices to prevent conflicts and misunderstanding.
4.        Be punctual at work. Practice work-life balance.
5.        Update blog on a daily basis. It’s a must!
6.        Have a personal engagement with PR/Advertising Agency for long term partnership.
7.        Travel more – local and international!
8.        Invest more, save more!
9.        Start a healthy lifestyle – eat a balanced-diet and exercise.
10.      Deeper relationship with God.

Wow! I guess as I grow older I am now more focus with what makes me happy and with the things I love doing. By the way, this year I am going 30. Gee… time flies so fast so it’s time to slow down and savor life’sprecious moments!

Happy New Year!

Remember, plan your travels ahead and score big discounts!

Have a great time!

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