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A quick update!

1:36 AM 0
I realized that being busy is just an excuse because if you want something, you will make time to get it. I've been in hiatus fo...

The Art of S m o k i n g

8:29 PM 0
It sure is not promoting about smoking since not all of us do. But it’s quite amazing that there are so many ways how smoking can b...

My Life + Travel Goals for 2017

3:20 PM 0
Happy New Year, Loves! How you doing? Well, I know everyone is doing great and having an awesome start of the year. For this year ...

How to keep motivated and focused in achieving goals.

10:34 PM 3
In order to be successful and achieved goals, I must be motivated and focused. However, there were times that I tend to be out-of-focus an...

Give me Everyting

12:28 PM 0
Give me Everything Sorry for the lack of update guys. I’ve been up to something unproductive. Yeah, I’ve been thinking how my 30th would l...

New Beginnings, Happy New Year!

9:28 PM 0
2016. New Year. New Beginnings. Another year has come to an end and I would like to acknowledged how grateful and blessed my 2015 was....

Hi there, March!

11:56 PM 1
Oh no, clock is ticking really fast! March already here, summer is it! But before anything else, March is also my birth month that’s why f...

… Of planning and dreaming!

8:21 PM 1
Finally, I got my 2 nd Starbucks planner that I will use for my personal goals and plans. 2014 was good to me, there were ups and down...

Merry Christmas!

11:40 AM 0
During this season of giving let us take time to slow down and enjoy the simple things. May this wonderful time of year touch your hear...

...And I wish that

1:10 AM 2
“... And I wish that while walking in your life's lane, you come across and walk with dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the c...

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