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Day 4 of 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Make Time

Wow! Believe it or not, I’m on my Day 4 of 30-Day Blogging Challenge.
With proper mindset and discipline – I’ll definitely winning on this. Hi there, consistency. 😊 

I still have travel stories to write about on which I plan to do on weekend since I have plenty of time. But I used to sleep long during weekends just because I thought I should make up for the lost hours. Basically, there is no such thing as I’ve read on and I will quote, “Unfortunately, sleeping in for an hour or two on Saturday and Sunday mornings doesn’t really make up for all that lost time, even if you feel better on Monday in the a.m. All of that sleep deprivation leads to something called “sleep debt”—the difference between the amount of sleep that you need and the amount that you’re actually getting.” And here’s an interesting A to a Q:

Q: Why isn’t sleeping in on the weekends enough for catching up?

A: Though you may feel more rested on Monday morning, that extra shut-eye doesn’t erase all of the drawbacks from not catching enough zzz’s during the week. While extra weekend sleep does help reduce daytime sleepiness and stress, your ability to focus and pay attention will still be reduced. It can also throw off your internal body clock (also known as your circadian rhythm) and lead to Sunday night insomnia. However, you can eventually bounce back once you’ve adapted to a steady schedule that gets you enough winks. (Source here)

And that’s explain why I was so lazy and procrastinate, recently. 😊

Now, I just need to fix my daily routine and schedule to get back on what I used to but much better as I move forward. And with that, today's entry is all about time - making time.

When I started working as soon as I graduated, I told to myself that at the age of 30 – I should have this, this and that and retire at that age. And for me to accomplish those I should work hard on which I did. I worked 12 hours a day, I was used to an overtime of a minimum of 3 hours on weekdays and if in need of coverage on weekends – I was the first to raised hand, both hands. Well, if you are a dreamer and young, you’ve got all the energy to do things at your own pace. Focused, self-determination and enthusiasm were my allies.  I made time for it and hustle as much as I could. However, I am not retire yet – though, I tried but the universe redirected me to different path – on which I am currently enjoying.

And as the time passed by, my priorities, wants, and goals change – maybe, because of adulting. Perhaps, I value spending time with my love ones – friends, families and people who matters to me on which I took for granted during those years that I was busy achieving my goals. Though, I am an acquaintance to many but I am selective and I keep my circle of close friends small;  because 
1) I don’t need many, 2) I can’t make time for them, 3) I outgrown small talks, and 
4) I’m a brat and only few can handle it (just kidding) – I say what I want in a sweet tone oozing with sarcasm if needed and I don’t care. No pretensions and reservations but I choose my battle, I rather spend my energy on something productive and beneficial than to argue and be on fight. At the end of the day, wala ka namang ambag sa buhay ko, so why should I entertain the drama. 😉

Day 4 of 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Make Time; 30-Day Blogging Challenge
girlfriends at the PubCrawl, Boracay | 2014

girlfriends in Hong Kong | 2016

As adulting hits me – I always make time for the people that matters to me and for the things that makes me happy – I don’t need to find time for them to fit on my schedule as they are part of my schedule.

Keep safe and take care.  

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