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#1: A Letter to Myself

Dear Self,

Life is short. Worry less. Live more.

I know how exactly you felt when you scrolled your Facebook feed as soon as you woke up and a certain post captured your attention – it was about a tragic incident happened earlier – 9 people aboard a medical evacuation plane were killed after their light aircraft crashed. You know who the co-pilot was and it’s heart-breaking that he’s gone too soon. Having those big dreams and future goals – everything has been wiped out just like that. Its horrible.

And with that, I want to tell you that life is really too short and you can never foretell what’s happening next. But what you can do right now is to live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment, and live it the way you wanted to be remembered. That… everyday is a chance to be the best version of yourself, to do more, to live more and to be a blessing to others.

That it is okay to be unhappy. That it is okay not to be okay. That it is okay to feel alone. That it is okay be selfish as you love yourself first. That it is okay to say “I missed you” even if you sound annoying.

That disappointments and heartbreaks are part of life as it teaches you lessons that will hone you to be a better YOU. That there’s nothing to worry about because you are surrounded by a loving and supportive people. So, never stop dreaming and to set goals, work hard to accomplish those, and continue to discover and learn new things.

Life is complicated but you can always figure it out. Just don’t forget your values and to do the right thing during the process. No regrets. Don’t worry because I got your back, always.


Well, you can still be that annoying person who says “I missed you” to someone because it brings joy to your heart. But. If you feel that you have to stop – STOP.

You can always have fun. You can always be whimsical. You can always be YOU.


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