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#2: A Letter to Myself

📍 Mamukit Island, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


Age is just a number as they say but for me – well, a number to pinpoint where I’m good at, my learnings, my down points, and my moving forwards. And to add, the goals I’m setting for myself. Today’s special because it is my birthday so a letter to keep going and remind myself – I got your back, Ay!

Hey, here’s a reminder that you are doing pretty well in achieving your goals in life. Hard work pays off, and even though, you already achieved some of your goals – you’re still on the go to make new ones. And with that, I’m proud of you!

You didn’t let your ass just sit down, being unproductive. Time matters to you – to slow down or make it fast. I adore how you listen to your body when it tells you to slow down and it might sound absurd to you, by doing nothing but chill and sleep because you needed it. And when you are energized, I love how you make random decision and act on it quickly because you always believe that the best time to start is now but of course, followed by proper and concrete plan.  You always wake up and get up with an enthusiasm to do more, not because you wanted more for yourself but for your unselfish dream to help others.

Here’s to remind you to take care of your health. I know how conscious you are of any changes happening within you but not eating properly will do no good in the long run. So, eat properly, exercise and be happy.

Cheers for additional people in your life. You’ve been picky with whom to open up with but once you felt that connection – you are good; you’re going to embrace them with all your heart and let them in without any reservation. Though, sometimes – you give too much chances because you always believe that there is kindness in every human being. It’s okay, I know you are smart enough to figure things out and know when to give up – giving up not because you are a loser but because their action is no longer aligned with your principles and values. Or – they are no longer worthy of your time and effort.

Everyone knows you - prim and proper – and it will never change. Try to loosen up, sometimes? Of course, those things that annoy you are exempted. Gee… why is that?

On the other note – keep exploring, keep wandering – as it teaches you so many things about life in general, gives you goals to achieve and making your dreams into reality and those little things in between that make you feel that you have butterflies in your stomach. 😊

I love you.

P.S. And yes, "I loveike you"; You'll figure out how to get out, soon. 

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