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Day 3 of 30-Day Blogging Challenge: A Day in my Life in the Midst of Pandemic

30-Day Blogging Challenge - I become more productive because of this challenge as day goes by. At first, I was thinking what topic to blog on which eats up too much time, that most of the time, led me to procrastinate. So why not stick to the plan, write something randomly in a quite personal approach.

Since  the Community Quarantine has been implemented in Metro Manila, I didn’t go out not until today. So after a month, I was able to go out and did some errands. Well, I just needed to but of course, I did safety precautions. I went to the bank for the monthly responsibility as I didn’t want to pile up my finance obligations when things get better. 

What’s with the outside? Hmmm… surprisingly, there were still people outside though, I can’t really compare if it is many or not as I don’t have a point of comparison. There were people lined up outside the supermarket/grocery stores and drugstores. Some follow the social distancing of at least 6 ft away from each other but some were not. Most of the establishments and restaurants were closed, fast foods were available for takeaway. Less cars but more motorcycle maybe because food deliveries are in demand nowadays.

Day 3 of 30-Day Blogging Challenge: A day in my life in the midst of pandemic
outside the house

Right after I logged off earlier, I went straight to the bed… err.. no, I went downstairs, put my eye mask at the fridge then washed my face. Prepared hot milk and 3 pandesal with butter then went to the bedroom and had a simple breakfast in bed but a fulfilling one. Went down and got my eye mask then ready to sleep at 6am. After 4 hours, I woke up – well, it’s longer than yesterday’s so I’m okay with it. Grabbed my phone and realized that it’s already a month of being at home. So, at noon I decided to go out for bank errands –  thinking that I have a valid reason once ask at the checkpoint. Everything, went smoothly – it was lunchtime, no checkpoint, less cars, less people. Bank errand was done in less than 5 minutes. Went straight to the car, look for a drugstore as I wanted to buy something for my hair, because a week ago I cut my hair very short to get rid of straight-colored-treated-damaged hair. Right now, I’m back with my curly-wavy hair that I wanted to bring back to a healthy life. 😊

After three drugstores, I finally found one that has no line – we could just park for a while and back in no time. Since I already know what I was going to buy, I went straight to that, paid and went back to the car – but before going in, sprayed an alcohol on both hands and arms. By the way, I was wearing mask.

Day 3 of 30-Day Blogging Challenge: A day in my life in the midst of pandemic
passing thru dry & wet market in Kalentong, Mandaluyong

It was two in the afternoon when I got back home and still have time to sleep after taking a bath. But I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to shoot content for TikTok (yes, I’m on TikTok) – check it out here. I never thought that it needs a lot of effort and creativity as I was thinking what would be the transitions are for that 7-second video. But that was fun! Afterwards, I made pancakes for PM snack and tried doing Dalgona Milo on which I failed at first – the culprit, I missed the egg white that would make it frothy. On 2nd try – it was a success! 😊 These two activities taught me how to be creative, have patience and more patience.

Of course, time is ticking so fast when you are pretty busy on being productive and learning new skills, right? At five in the afternoon, I felt sleepy. I took a nap and woke up just in time for my 8:00PM work.  

So, how are you guys? How are you coping in this pandemic? 
Always be safe.

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