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Day 2 of 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Five Short Term Goals

Time check, it's already 3:52 in the afternoon here in Manila and I can't still sleep. Right after I logged off earlier (around 5-ish in the morning), I went straight to my bed, slept and then woke up after 2 hours and since then, I'm wide awake. Ugh! Insomnia in a reverse mode because I am working at night. Not complaining though as I am lucky to have work in the convenience of our home during this trying times. I guess, I need 2 shots of espresso to start my work day/night later.

Meanwhile, I'm on my Day 2 of 30-Day Blogging Challenge. Hooray! After a minute or two of thinking and searching for a topic to write in Pinterest, here I am, still in bed... with a phone in my hand... writing. For today, I'm gonna blog about my "Five Current Short Term Goals" that is achievable while at home.

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Since I was a kid I'm fond of writing my goals on a piece of paper or in my diary slash notebook with cute design and keep it until I can cross them out, one by one. I am very much specific with my goals so that I know what to do and then, plan carefully for me to achieve it. Moving on, here are my Five Current Short Term Goals with a target date of accomplishment.  Tip: A goal should have a target date or timeline whether short term or long term. It will gives motivation and some rot of responsibilities to work hard to hit the goal sooner or within the time frame that is being set. Of course, you should be realistic with the timeline; add lee-way.

    Update my "Asset & Liabilities" Tracker

    Yes, I have this online spreadsheet that serves as my expenses tracker for me to manage my financeas better. So, I would know where I spent my money, how much is my overall income on a monthly basis, my savings, etc. It's been a while since I updated that tracker. Well, it is easy for me to see and compare if they are in one spreadsheet.

    I have a notebook though that serves as my day-to-day tracker so basically, I am just going to copy everything on my online tracker. I'm using Google sheet, by the way, to keep track my finances.
    Target Date: April 18, 2020.

    15-Minute Exercise 

    Because I just exercise when I feel like exercising or whatsoever. In short, I am not consistent on that field. So, the goal is to have a 15-minute exercise on a daily basis until it becomes my daily routine. Based on research, it takes 21 days to form a new habit. This routine will start tomorrow right after work.
    Timeline: Daily (Start Date 4/15)

    Clean Drive:E on Desktop

    The hard drive on Desktop was partitioned, and so Drive:E is dedicated for my photos and videos.  Yes, I am OC like that. 🙂 Since I no longer have enough storage and buying a new one is not yet an option, I have to delete those photos from events or those that has no value to me to save up space.
    Target Date: April 19, 2020.

    Schedule post good for 7 Days on Instagram and Facebook Page

    I used to schedule post on Instagram every weekends before to limit my time spent on Social Media during weekdays but due to some distractions and whatnot I no longer do that consistently.
    Target Date: April 19, 2020 & April 26, 2020. 

    Organize closet.

    Though, I already started organizing the closet but it is not done yet. There are things and stuff that are not yet organize and waiting for my attention. De-cluttering is time consuming though, most especially, if you can't easily let go of things under your possession, well, for me, that's the case.
    Target Date: On of before April 30, 2020.

    Will definitely update this post at the end of 30-Day Blogging Challenge and share some insights of what I've learn during the process.

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