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New Month, New Norm

Happy 1st of May! It’s been 48 days since the lockdown due to the pandemic, covid-19 and staying at home brought me a lot of realization and continuous learning. With the new norms (being at home) – content creation was quite a challenge as I needed to squeeze out all the creative juices I have from my sane self. Maybe because, I found inspiration in the outside world and from my travels. That most of the time, travelling to work and going home kept my mind busy thinking along the way. Gee… this is the longest time staying at home since third year college.

New Month, New Norm
me thinking of adding plants on this little corner of mine

Do I love it – yes and no. At first it was pretty exciting as I have a lot of to-dos on my list that I always put on hold because I can’t make time for them so knowing that I have 2 weeks’ time to work at home means I’ve got an extra time, then at 2nd week – it was fulfilling that I was able to crossed out those to-dos and realized that there’s so much to do while at home, the tasks are never ending; the household chores never stops and it keeps you going day by day. And then community quarantine extended -- on the 3rd week – I procrastinate – I was exhausted and got me thinking on when this pandemic ends plus, my body clock changed wherein a 4-hour sleep was such a luxury.

Meanwhile, in these trying times, aside from my family and relatives, it brought me closer to my friends (the mean girls!; the travel squad; the blogger sizzies; and, the besties) that most of them, I haven’t seen for a long time, exchanging goals, future plans, talks about everything, and whatnot; just keeping everyone updated and pushing each and everyone to be on our best selves.

While, staying at home taught me:

New Month, New Norm
staying at home makes me chubbier. lol
dress from Femme Luxe

  To cook; made my own food and prepare meals for the family. They loved it.

  To bake; it is so fulfilling that my cookie jar is filled with cookies made by me. And for me, baking is the easiest way to do. Just follow the correct measurements, ingredients and procedure, you’re good. But once you get the trick, you can tweak the recipe based on your liking. I like my cookies chewy, not too sweet with nuts and lots of Hershey’s chocolate... the dark ones tho.
  I don’t need too much material things in life… basic necessities such as food, toiletries and may baking and cooking ingredients... I'm all good. Though, I wold invest on fancy plates and utensils for my upgraded dining experience.
  I am looking forward for a better oven, baking equipment, utensils and a coffee machine to better enjoy my coffee sessions. #goals
  I don’t want to be a housewife anymore. And just like that… I sabotaged my ultimate dream. Lol. Well, as long as I can do my work at home or in the comfort of my own tme, I’ll be good. No commute going to/from office/home equals to more time and more energy to do other things. So, I still support my lifestyle while doing business on the side and still take good care of my love ones.

  Save, invest and dream more.

New Month, New Norm; Kobe Bryant, kobe bryant poster
I'm working with my wall gallery and I found this; a poster from 2011 during Kobe Bryant's visit in Manila so might as well, frame it. 

Though, I am very excited when things get better – I have plans and goals lined up that needed to accomplish to keep me going while facing the new normal. Also, with the new norm, my perspective on how I see things and life in general changes. I value more those who also make time for me, there were people that matters to me but if I felt that it was just a one-way relationship; I detour.

Hang in there, this too shall pass.

P.S. My potential-wife-score is increasing, by the way. *wink*

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