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Need To Kill Some Time? Try These

A lot of people would love the problem of needing to find out how to kill some time. However, if you’re stuck at home, on furlough, or self isolating due to coronavirus, the need to kill time might be more pertinent than ever before. The trick is to do it in a way that afterwards leaves you feeling like you’ve been productive.

Otherwise there will also be an element of guilt. You might also be in the position of needing to help your family and children kill some time. As well as making sure they stay healthy and active so that they don’t become bored. It doesn’t all have to be productive of course. You can do things which you enjoy and like. The key is getting into a routine where you enjoy a healthy mix of the two. The below ideas can help you with a few ideas around how you can kill some time. They might not all apply to you, neither might you be able to do them all, but hopefully they’ll get some more ideas percolating in your head.

Good luck!

    Buy Things You Need

    Sometimes treating yourself to a little retail therapy can be a great way to kill some time. It can be productive too if you’re buying things you need for the house or for yourself. This can range from garden furniture, paint, jumpers, tools etc. It can take longer than you think too. Sometimes shopping for the exact right products, reading reviews and stuff can take a while.

    This might not be for everyone. You might already have everything you need. Perhaps you’re in the midst of a cash flow problem. It’s also not a long term solution. Just something which can fill a couple of hours. However, it is something you can get the kids involved with if you’re buying things for them.


    Do That DIY

    Most people have elements of DIY needing doing. From hanging a picture, to painting a wall. Now is the time to do it. It’s so easy to put off. Once you get started it’ll become a whole lot easier. One of the ways to start is by buying the items you need. This might guilt you into starting as you’ve already bought the stuff. It’ll also leave you feeling productive and it’ll benefit your home.

    Don’t do anything dangerous though. Such as tinkering with the electronics or plumbing. Leave those kinds of things to the professionals, unless you are one yourself of course. There is usually great advice online in forums or even video instructions on YouTube if you’re unsure about something too. Just be sure to plan everything properly and there won’t be any problems in the work you do.

    Get Some Exercise

    If you’re on lockdown, this might be a little limited in terms of what you can actually do. However, getting a bit of exercise each day is a great way to kill some time but also keep fit. You can exercise in the house. Maybe you’ve got some weights, or a treadmill. You could do a TV workout or find something on YouTube.

    Then, when you can go out, think about going for a run. If that isn’t for you you could go for a nice long walk. Cycling is a good way to get some fresh air and exercise too. You can bring the whole family along if you want, or use the time to get some alone time. Whatever the case, you’ll kill some time and in doing so get the exercise you need.  


    Use the time to read and learn. There’s so much out there. You could go down the entertainment route and think about what kinds of fiction you enjoy. Non-fiction is equally great though and you could really learn something useful. Focus on your hobbies and interests. Reading can take up small chunks of the day, or you can do it for an extended period of time. Either way, it’s good for the brain and will kill a chunk of time.


    It’s great if you’re really struggling with what to do. Gaming can be social too if you play with your friends or family. The time on it should be limited, as it can become addictive. There are loads of different games to play too, so it’s quite easy to narrow down on your interest. The starting cost can be a little prohibitive if you don’t already own a machine. However, perhaps you can get a second hand console if you just wanted to try it out and see if you enjoy it.

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