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5 Skin Hair Systems for Amazing Look in 2020 (for Men)

Without a full head of hair, it is really hard to pull off a striking appearance. This is precisely the reason why men opt for modern hair systems to fight hair thinning and baldness. However, the huge number of men’s hairpieces available online often makes it difficult for men to choose the right one for them. That’s why we have decided to help.

In this blog, we are sharing 5 skin hair systems that are experiencing a global demand every during the COVID-19 lockdown. Let’s have a look at the most popular skin hair pieces right now! 

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    UTS: Ultra-thin skin hair system

    The UTS is considered to be one of the most realistic skin hair systems for men because it has a feather light 0.03mm ultra-thin skin base which will seamlessly blend in with your own scalp. The fact that it has V-looped hair all over the base makes this hair recovery solution even more undetectable.

    The UTS ultra-thin skin hair system has a base size of 8”x10” and has a medium-light hair density. Base cutting and haircutting services are also available. That’s the reason why the S22 hair patch is a great deal for just $169.
    The best skin hair systems for men! 5 lightweight, thin skin hairpieces to help men look amazing in 2020.

     SuperSkin-M hairpiece for men

    The SuperSkin-M is another in-demand hairpiece that has made its way onto our list of the best skin hair systems for 2020. More durable than the UTS thanks to its slightly thicker skin, this hairpiece also has a transparent super thin skin base. The V-looped front creates a natural hairline whilst split knots on the rest of the base add to the durability of this hair system.

    The ‘M’ in this model’s name refers to the medium hair density of this unit. Please be aware that this hair patch is only available in color #1B but this is a common color choice for men. The S1M hair patch is only available in #1B color & has a price tag of 189 USD.

    SuperSkin-V hair system

    The SuperSkin-V hair system is another popular hair system for those who want a more durable hair system than the UTS. Its all-over transparent skin base has a thickness of 0.06-0.08mm making it more durable but it is still natural-looking. Hair is V-looped across the whole unit to give the wearer a hyper-realistic look and hair that can be styled in any direction.

    SuperSkin Remy hair system

    The SuperSkin Remy hairpiece has the same full thin skin base of the recently mentioned SuperSkin bases but the unique feature of this particular model is its Remy hair. The quality of hair is very important to some and Remy hair has all its cuticles intact which will keep the hair looking at its best for longer.

    V-loops across the front give the wearer a very natural-looking hairline that they will be able to confidently expose. The SuperSkin Remy men’s hair system is also easy to clean and attach. Finally, it is available in more than 35 color options.

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    The best skin hair systems for men! 5 lightweight, thin skin hairpieces to help men look amazing in 2020.

    Combo stock thin skin hairpiece

    Here is a hair system that combines thin skin with French lace to give you the best of both worlds if you are a fan of both base materials. Most of the base is 0.08mm thin skin so you can easily do a bond on most of your head but the front is light and airy French lace. Single split knots across the front ½” of the French lace give you a very realistic look.

    That ends our list of the best skin hair systems for men! Buying any one of these top-quality hairpieces guarantees a very realistic appearance and supreme comfort.

    Do you wear hair systems to fight hair loss? Please share your hair system experience with us and help others make the best decision for themselves.   

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