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Daily Things to Do at Home due to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

It’s better safe than sorry that’s why staying at home is necessary, it is mandatory! Travel ban, lockdown and safety precautions are being done all over the world and everyone’s cooperation is needed. As much as you help yourself free from the virus, you also helping others, our front liners – doctors, nurses, police, supermarkets personnel and everyone who are in fight to keep the virus from spreading and give medication to those that are already infected. So, do you part – for the meantime, obey the law, the rules – stay at home and be safe.

One of the things that I read online, or people say, is that they are so bored staying at home with nothing to do and such! And I was like – oh, they are so lucky that they have plenty of time on their hands by doing nothing. Or is it just me, who loves to hustle and make my time more productive than ever? Well, with all the happenings around the world, and with my environment specifically, I chose to be productive to keep my sanity, and so ideas and creativity keep flowing. With that having said, I list down some things to do, on a daily basis, while stuck at home due to coronavirus (Covid-19).


    The first order of the day – cleaning. I love seeing and looking at the clean space, who does not anyway? Everyday, make it a habit to clean the house or a specific in your home, maybe start with your bedroom. As soon as you wake up, fix the bedding, arrange the pillows neatly, sweep and polish the floor, dust the table or shelves. This is also a better exercise. Afterwards, you may tidy up your closet. Well, I did – arranged all the shirts, pants, everyday clothes that I wear and sorted those that I already outgrew and possibly can be donated.

    Things to Do Daily while at Home due to Coronavirus (Covid-19); what to do at home during quarantine
    cleaned this area and setup like this; will serve as my OOTD background


    Read as much as you can – but I won’t encourage reading other people post on Social Media most especially, if it will just create chaos or panic or unsure if it is correct or not. Don’t get me wrong, I love using Instagram and Facebook as it is my way to share whatever information – as long as it is a fact and based on my own experience. Reading is what you feed on your mind – so might as well, feed it with wonders and learning. Look for something that would entice your curiosity, perhaps literature, travel, cookbook, romance or personal development. I’m currently reading – Upgrade by Rana Florida, all about taking your work and life from ordinary to extraordinary.

    Things to Do Daily while at Home due to Coronavirus (Covid-19); what to do at home during quarantine
    my reading nook


    Well, I fancy cooking these past days. I don’t usually cook at home simply because, my mom does all the cooking and living with the parents means – I am spoiled to the point that breakfast in bed is a norm. But these days, aside from my ever-favorite Garlic Buttered Shrimp, I tried to cook other recipes and served food ala-fine dining setting. And since no travel during this pandemic, seems like I’ll be blogging more of cooking soon. 😊 Now is the perfect time to unleash your inner Gordon James Ramsay. Play around the kitchen and you have the whole family or yourself to serve. Always remember – if unsure don’t forget the word “love” so they know that it is made with love and is that all that matters.

    Things to Do Daily while at Home due to Coronavirus (Covid-19); what to do at home during quarantine
    left photo: Dalgona Coffee
    right photo: Cream Dory cooked in Olive Oil with Mashed Potatoes and stir-fry veggies in butter


    If accessible and possible, plant. Or if you have already plants at your home – then take care of them. Watering then every other day or whenever the plant needs. I love growing my indoor plants and keep them healthy as much as I can that I even shared my vitamins with them.

    And I found this post handy in terms of taking care of your indoor plants. 


    For me to read more, I need a quiet space. So, I created a space as my reading corner at home. Having my reading nook, it will train my brain that this time of the day at this specific corner – it will be for reading. Surprisingly, I didn’t even notice how time passed by that I could finish one book – with 250+ pages – in one sitting. Well, mind setting works for me though. So, if you’re a gamer then perhaps create your playroom. Or if you are working on recipe, then create your own ingredients.

    Things to Do Daily while at Home due to Coronavirus (Covid-19); what to do at home during quarantine
    home office with a stationery bike on the side


    Nurture your talents and skills. Be the best version of yourself. If you want to be a good at something, today is the best time to start. You can allot specific time daily and hone your skills whether if it is playing guitar or piano. Remember, practice makes perfect. Always oomph your day to learn something.


    A 15-min exercise a day means a lot to your body than nothing at all. Make it a goal to exercise daily and have a stronger and healthy body. We need that during this coronavirus. To motivate yourself… a beach getaway will be coming up after things get better and we can travel again.

    Things to Do Daily while at Home due to Coronavirus (Covid-19); what to do at home during quarantine
    work it out; sweat it out; pale skin + freckles


    Write a goal – short term and long term. It is always fulfilling to crossed out goal daily. May it be the list of recipes you wanted to cook, the area of house that you wanted to clean, the books that you wanted to read… and so on. Yes, I love making a list and check it once completed and done. My goal right now, is update my blog per day and I already written what I should blog each single day.


    Everyone is at home – time to have quality time and more bonding, right? Well, might as well play with them. I like playing monopoly board game and card games with the family. If you are a couple here are some of the best games for couples to play at home.


    Netflix and Chill as I say, and everyone does. You may binge-watch with every K-Dramas or movies that Netflix suggested to watch. They have a lot of movies and series though I only have limited suggestion because I don’t watch that often; you may watch Sex Education, Strangers Things and these random movies and series that watched recently – Love Jacked, Julie & Julia, Virgin River, All The Bright Places, Falling Inn Love, among others.

    And if all else fails, Tiktok. 😊 No, I don’t do that, but my niece entertained me so much with her TikTok entries as so as my friend, Hamez. How about you, how you spend your time being stuck at home? Feel free to add yours in a comment section below.

    Have a Blessed Sunday! Stay safe and Stay indoor!

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