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Thank you, 2020!

New year, new beginnings, right? And with all the Covid-19 shenanigans and for the inconveniences it caused there’s so much to be thankful for. For me, 2020 was a year for realization on what really matters to me. That despite of uncertain things happening around there is always something to look forward and be grateful of. And so, before I say an ibid goodbye to the year it was… here are the things that I am thankful for. If not of the setback and being quarantined in the comfort of my home… these things wouldn’t happen. Thank you, 2020!

Thank you, 2020, thedailyposhtravels, pico de loro
Pico de Loro

1. Cleaned up and decluttered.

It’s been ages that I set aside this task because I didn’t have much time but during the first 2 months of the quarantine, I was able to accomplished decluttering of unnecessary stuff that were piled up in my room. However, there are clothing that I can't let go because I can use them for several occasions such as gothic-lolita that I love so much! ^_^

2. Learned cooking.

Oh, how I love dining out. It was a fancy treat to a hardworking self – that’s what I see it. Being at home, I learned cooking and cooked my favorites, plated on a fancy setting and voila… the restaurant feels! I learned that I can bring the luxury of dining out right in our dining table – as fancy as what I look for but way cheaper. Plus, eating together with the family made it more luxurious. 

3. Learned baking.

Honestly, I never thought that I would achieve this in a small period of time. Thanks to cookbooks that I found during my cleaning and of course, YouTube! I’m always thankful to those content creators who have passion to share their passion. They made my life more easier during my learning phase. 

Now, I can bake cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, cookies, apple pies, egg pies, bread rolls and baked pork belly, baked roasted chicken and so much more! Can’t wait to make pasta from scratch though. 

4. Got my driver’s license.

I was skeptical when it comes to driving because 1) I haven’t practice it for a very long time 2) I don’t have a driver’s license. And so, I was so very happy (well, I still am) when I got my driver’s license before 2020 ends. Hooray!

5. Learned to let go.

When I was decluttering, I realized that I don’t need much. I kept stuff that no longer serves its purpose and I never thought that letting go… at first… was hard but once tried… it will be easy onto the next. With that, I learned to let go stuff and people that does not add value on my existence. 

6. Grateful for sponsors and partners.

It may sound odd but even though were on quarantine and stayed at home for quite so long, sponsors and partners are keep coming. It’s an opportunity for me to be productive and divert my attention to other things and kept me company. 

7. Thankful for the people who stayed and came into my life.

I’m thankful that I have constants in my life. These are friends that I chose to be my family. In line with letting go, there were also new persons that came into my life and I’m happy that I met them in unexpected time where everything seems to be uncertain. 

8. New investments.

Yes! Despite the pandemic I was able to invest on some things that my future self will be thankful for. I can’t spill more details now but will eventually talk about it soon. In a midst of chaos, look for the silver lining but nevertheless, it is okay not to be okay. 

Thank you, 2020!
gift giving in Lobo, Batangas with my friends

9. Sharing blessing and more!

If there’s something that I learned 2 years ago, on my lowest point of my life… that was to be thankful and grateful for what I have. That I do have the capacity to do more so I can share more. Helping the community on my own little way could make a big difference on others. Sharing is not necessarily about money, it’s all about making an impact to someone else’s life; to make them feel that they matter because they really are! 

Thank you, 2020!
St. Therese Chapel in Pico de Loro

10. Travel.

I started 2020 with a getaway in my favorite paradise – Boracay Island – and ended the year in a place that always has a beautiful spot in my heart – Pico de Loro. Life always has its own surprises. 

And more than anything, I’m thankful for having God in my life. I have my fair share of ups and downs and every step that I did to stand up again was because of Him, he really works in mysterious ways and lifted me up when I was so weak and couldn’t stand on my own. Thank you, God and so 2020! 

Hello, 2021! Can’t wait for our fun adventures and learning. Stay safe. 

Thank you, 2020
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