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TLC with Lola Remedios and reasons to love her even more!

Growing with my grandmother’s tender loving care is such a bliss! It will always an opportunity for me that I am grateful for the rest of life. Her love was unconditional, she took of me and my siblings with a thought of our needs first before hers. How I wish I could shower her with so much love and pamper her with things that she set aside so she could give us more than what we needed. I miss you, Lola! 

TLC with Lola Remedios and reasons to love it even more!, lola remedios, lamig remedy
TLC with Lola Remedios

Fast forward to today, Lola’s TLC (tender loving care) is now easily accessible through Lola Remedios. With a thought of providing everyone with all-natural food and drink supplement that our physical being needs. I used to ginger tea, cloves and more of natural herbal medicine that I could think of growing up. And I can attest how effective were those that’s why I still long for it whenever I am not feeling well. Ginger with Lemon is always my go-to remedy whenever I was sick or just wanted a refreshing treat that my grandmother taught me. I always believe that prevention is better than cure and healthy living is always a choice but in times that you have a heavy feeling but not really sick, then it might “lamig” as what the oldies says. 

TLC with Lola Remedios and reasons to love it even more!, lamig remedy, lola remedios
TLC with Lola Remedios and reasons to love it even more!

Luckily, with Lola Remedios I can have it anytime, hassle-free and conveniently because I can just drink it straight from its sachet. To make my tea more relaxing, I add a sachet of Lola Remedios into it and it tastes even better – so soothing! And with that having said, here’s 5 reasons why I love Lola Remedios!

    All-natural ready-to-drink supplement

    Lola Remedios contains mint, honey, ginger, clove and fennel. I can feel the minty flavor which has a cooling effect to my throat. These natural herbal medicines always made me feel relief in an instant. It’s easy to drink, by the way. Just shake well (though, I always forgot to do this. Ha-ha); tear-off sachet, and drink directly. 

    A quick remedy for “Lamig”

    Muscle pain or being unwell because of feeling heavy then it might a “lamig” due to weather condition and whatnot. Lola Remedios is a handy-dandy supplement that works fast! And since it is all-natural drink supplement you can take 2-3 sachets whenever needed. 

    Easily available and affordable

    What I super love about Lola Remedios is that it can be easily bought. You can easily spot on at Mercury Drugstores cashier counter. It is also available at Watsons’ and at your local Sari-sari store and Botika. Each sachet is sold for only Php10. 

    TLC with Lola Remedios and reasons to love it even more!, lamig remedy, lola remedios
    A sachet of Lola Remedios does a long way

    As the new year starts, I hope you already stocking up your supplements and vitamins because we’ll never know what’s waiting for us in a pandemic world. But one thing is for sure, we can do something for the betterment of our well-being. Stay safe. Always wear mask. Have a TLC with Lola Remedios because our “Lola” always do best for us! 

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