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5 Tips for Holding the Best Netflix Night with Your Best Friends

The COVID-19 pandemic may have put a halt on your traveling and partying plans for months, but it does not mean you have to sulk in a corner until this dreary phase of our lives is over. With a bit of imagination, there are still plenty of things you can do to have fun, especially now that it is easy to move about in nearby areas around Metro Manila


Although hosting a grand party is still a no-no, you can always invite a few of your closest friends over for a Netflix night. But instead of merely watching on the couch, you can transform the ordinary evening into an incredible experience using a few tips and tricks. Do you want to know how? Get your smart TV ready and consider the following suggestions for a truly a memorable movie night:

    Choose the Perfect Film

    From drama and romantic comedy films to horror and action movies, Netflix is a certified gold mine, so you should make the most of it. Spend time reading movie information and reviews to create a shortlist of films you want to see. It is better to have several options ready before the big night so that you will not waste precious time deciding which film to watch. 

    Consider feel-good or romantic flicks that will leave you feeling giddy for hours, such as The Pursuit of Happyness, Coach Carter, or 50 First Dates. You can also try heart-stopping and adrenaline-pumping movies like Jennifer Lopez’s Enough or Liam Neeson’s Taken. If you are a Korean Wave baby, Train to Busan, Alive, and Call are a few good picks to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. 

    Create a Cinema Vibe

    Since you cannot go to the cinemas, let the cinema come to you by transforming your living room into an impressive private theater. Start by ensuring that the area is dark enough. You can put up heavy drapes or cover the windows with dark cardboards. 

    Move the furniture to create space, and position the television in a place where everyone can see it. Make the couch as comfortable as possible by adding throw pillows and soft blankets. A stack of large floor pillows will also do the trick if your sofa is not big enough for you and your guests. 

    If the living area is not air-conditioned, ensure that there are several electric fans in the room to keep it cool and inviting. While the nights are getting cooler, you are still living in a tropical country, so it is better to be prepared. More importantly, position your surround sound speakers on both sides of the TV or a few feet behind the couch for maximum listening pleasure. 

    Prepare Snacks and Refreshments

    What is a movie night without tons of crunchy and delicious snacks? While popcorn is a staple, you can skip the cooking part and just buy tubs of this incredible treat in various flavors for convenience. Also throw in large packs of potato chips, pretzels, nachos, and other savory snacks to satisfy your cravings for junk foods. 

    Netflix and Chill
    Netflix-and-chill-kind-of-night with my crazy friends!

    A couple of boxes of pizza, some fried chicken, and some cold cans of soda and flavored beer will also help liven up the mood. Make sure to buy more than enough so that everyone will be full and satisfied. Also, do not forget to order everything online to limit your contact with strangers. The coronavirus is still out there, after all, so it is prudent to observe precautionary measures rather than be sorry later. 

    Schedule the Viewing Late at Night

    One sure way to ruin the movie experience is low video quality and constant buffering. Avoid these issues by watching during off-peak hours, like late at night, when fewer people are using Netflix. Since your movie date will end in the wee hours of the morning, this is a good chance to extend the gathering into a sleepover. 

    Encourage Discussion after Watching the Film

    Whether you plan it or not, everyone will most likely discuss the movie once it ends. It is natural to dissect the characters and events or even gush over the handsome male lead or the beautiful female star. Try not to ruin the mood by asking everyone to be quiet and prepare for bed. 

    Remember that one of the best things about watching movies with friends is that you get to talk about them. Be the perfect host by encouraging late-night talks. How about preparing foods that looked quite mouthwatering on the film, like a steaming bowl of ramyun if you decided on a Korean flick? A cup of freshly brewed coffee and tasty desserts a la Starbucks would also be nice. 

    Netflix and Chill

    Holding a Netflix night with friends may not be the same as traveling to Boracay or Hong Kong, but it can be just as exciting and memorable if you flex your creative power. Use the tips above as a starting point, and think of other ways to bring the movie experience to another level. Who knows? The evening may be more pleasurable and interesting than you have ever anticipated. 

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