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#Quaranthings: Becoming a Baker and a Momma

#Quaranthings: Becoming a Baker and a Momma
#Quaranthings: Becoming a Baker and a Momma

And so... as the quarantine still in progress, couldn't help it but slowly adapt to it. At first, I was in denial that this was just a short term phase of our lives and everything will be back to normal and with that, I can go back to my normal life, travel, do business, do charitable works and do-things-that-will-make-my-soul-comes-alive. However, no one can tell how long it will lasts - the sad reality of this pandemic - as long as the numbers are getting higher and higher as the day passes by. But one thing is for sure, we are responsible for our well-being and as well as the well-being of the people around us. Always practice good hygiene, wear mask, take a bath,  wash your hands and do social distancing. Paranoia, I guess, is a key to avoid getting sick in this trying time. 

    Anyway, being stuck at home also means discovering yourself, unboxing those hidden skills and talents. Well, for me it did and I'm still surprise that I can do more on what I have set for myself. πŸ™‚ So, for this quarantine season, aside from the usual things to do while at home; there were also things I have accomplished so far was becoming a baker and a momma to my plants.

    Becoming a Baker (per se)

    I've got story to tell, sometime ago, I planned to enrol in a culinary school because 1) I want to be a housewife 2) And for me to fulfill No. 1, I have to learn cooking - a way to man's heart as they say. But for me, so that I can feed my future family with healthy fares loaded with lots of love. Yeah, I'm quite cheesy. πŸ˜€ and 3) I love sweets & desserts, pastries and cakes and more! Here's a tip, always consider yourself in every thing you are doing to see and serve its purpose. Haha. 

    It didn't push thru because I was rerouted to a different path on which I thought an opportunity that I shouldn't miss. For the meantime, I set aside the culinary school and did other stuff - like a different role in a corporate world, travelling, investing and the list goes on - stuff that I'm thankful for because I've learned a lot and made me for who I am today. And looking back, they were precious experiences that I can say, made an impact to my being. 

    #Quaranthings: Becoming a Baker and a Momma;things to do at home
    Preppin' for the steak - well, thyme was the secret ingredient.

    Moving forward, staying at home made me bake and cook my cravings. Yes, thanks to internet and google - everything was searchable and I could even watch the step by step process on YouTube. If there's a way, there's a will is very suitable nowadays. To be honest though, with what is happening around us, it is okay not to feel alright. I have a fair share of how I procrastinated because I felt anxious with no ideas bubbling out on my head. I just did what I did because 1) was part of my day job and 2) I was paid for it to do so (as long as it didn't require too much thinking, πŸ™ƒ).

    I'm grateful that I am surrounded with great enthusiastic people that never stop growing amidst the chaos. I have this friend who supply eBooks whenever I need something to read, though I prefer old school 'coz I love the smell of the physical book. I also have friends who constantly messaging about their cooking and baking adventures and exchanging tips and steps for a better result. Haha. Our conversations right now was all about, organizing baking ingredients, where to buy cheaper but quality flour and chocolates,  the difference between Hersheys and other brands, how long to bake a roasted chicken and 3-hour slow baking of pork belly would do wonder for crispy outside and juicy inside... ahh.. I love those conversations.

    #Quaranthings: Becoming a Baker and a Momma;things to do at home
    Baked Roasted Chicken - slow cooked for 1.5 hours.. almost 2 hours, I guess but it was worth the wait!

    #Quaranthings: Becoming a Baker and a Momma;things to do at home
    Left: Roasted Chicken
    Right: Tricolor Pesto Fusilli

    Some of my favorites were Baked Salmon on top of Mashed Potato with Buttered Vegetables, Slow-Cooked Roasted Chicken, Steak with Stir-fry baby Potatoes, Tuna Pasta in Olive Oil, Pesto Linguine, Ube Cheese Pan de sal, Egg Pie/Tart, Blueberry Cheesecake and Chunky Chocolate Chips Cookies. 

    #Quaranthings: Becoming a Baker and a Momma;things to do at home
    Right: Chunky Chocolate Chips Cookies
    Left: Cheesecake Brownies

    I always start with the basic and then modify based on my taste. The cookies became a part of the dining table, where everyone can just grab one or two from the cookie jar which kinda fulfilling. 

    Left: Blueberry Cheesecake
    Right: Vanilla Cupcake

    Becoming a Momma

    Joining the bandwagon of becoming a plant momma, at first. πŸ˜„ I bought plants and learned to propagate. Growing them is quite addicting and calming at the same time. Haha. More so, having plants need a lot of patience and discipline. They were like babies that needs (so much) attention and TLC (tender loving care). Of course, you have to know their personality, too! Like others wanted morening/afternoon sun, others just need bright and indirect sunlight, some longs for more water, while some prefers a dry soil. It was relaxing to see them blossoming and it was just a happy feeling that I couldn't explain. And whenever, I saw new leaf is coming out, ahh... that was pure joy. In a span of 1 month, I already have over 20 plant varieties and honestly, it was quite an investment. πŸ˜‰

    #Quaranthings: Becoming a Baker and a Momma;things to do at home
    left: my babies just outside my room
    right: at the balcony

    They even have their own Spotify playlist that I played whenever I am watering them or if the weather is too hot. Well, I dunno the rational behind the weather but that's what I do to upbeat, at least, my mood. So, I'm just treating them the way I treated myself. I guess, I was a cool mom. πŸ˜„Though, it was not always sunshine and happy vibes - some died and I felt devastated and frustrated, it was heartbreaking so it becomes a norm to check the soil and re-pot them as soon as they arrived to prevent them from dying. 

    #Quaranthings: Becoming a Baker and a Momma;things to do at home
    some of my favorites with an easy-to-care-and-grow-level
    from left to right: ZZ Plant, Jade, and Pothos N'Joy

    I also read books with them. I can't stand reading e-books for longer hours so I had to re-read some Paolo Coelho's. It was like reading bedtime stories to my babies but... I was the one who became sleepy most of the time. 

    #Quaranthings: Becoming a Baker and a Momma;things to do at home
    favorite past time when I was looking for what to bake... I so love cookbooks though.
    P.S. cut my hair this short, to explain further - I cut all the straight and colored hair so I can treat my curly-wavy hair while on quarantine. 

    In between baking, I'm hanging out with my babies. While waiting for the yummy treats, I spent quality time with my plants - talking, watering, listening to music or just silently adore their beauty. And these stuff keeps me sane during this pandemic.

    #Quaranthings: Becoming a Baker and a Momma;things to do at home
    hanging out with my babies and reading them some stories; while this is me, on baking and baking and getting bigger and bigger. 

    Stay safe, folks! 

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