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Tips To Create A Wardrobe That Was Made For You

Do you find yourself wishing you could just throw out your wardrobe and start again? Perhaps you often stand in front of your wardrobe with distaste over the lack of clothing that you actually like to wear. Having a wardrobe made for you is important because clothing can help tell our story. It can show off our personalities and make us feel a certain way. Confidence and empowerment can come from clothing like choosing the right and comfortable female soccer jersey as your sports' outfit, and it’s a way of making yourself feel comfortable in your own skin. With that in mind, if you’re struggling to find the right clothing for you, here are some tips for creating a wardrobe that was made for you.

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    Figure Out Your Shape

    Your body shape is something that you want to nail down before you start shopping for new clothes. It can also be something that you do that can help you throw out any clothes that are currently in your wardrobe and don’t flatter your particular body shape. We all have different shapes and sizes when it comes to our body, and it’s important to know yours. It’s also worth noting that your body shape can change over time, and that’s something that’s worth paying attention to so that you don’t fall into a habit of buying clothes that aren’t showing you off the way you want to show off.

    There are plenty of online articles to figure out what your shape is, and if you have trouble, you can always seek advice from those who work in fashion too. Once you know your shape, you can then work towards finding the styles, cuts, and types of clothing that are going to work the best for you.

    Consider Who Inspires You

    We all draw inspiration from places and people. When it comes to fashion, there’s a lot of people out there that we can feel inspired by. Whether it’s a fashion house in particular or a celebrity that you follow and who you love for their fashion style, it’s important to use that inspiration to your own advantage. Look at who you actively follow, and don’t forget that online resources like social media can be a great help too. There’s so much available at our fingertips from the internet than we could have ever imagined having before. That’s why it’s important to take full advantage of what we have on offer when it comes to creating a wardrobe for you and for finding those pieces.

    It might be worth creating some type of vision board or using an online platform like Pinterest to collate all your inspiration together and to help you find the pieces you need in order to create the best wardrobe for you.

    List Your Current Favorite Fashion Stores

    There are so many different fashion houses, designers, and businesses that now make and sell clothing. Compared to what it was like before the internet, we’ve got a lot more to choose from. The online world has even changed the way we shop, with some fashion companies solely existing online, rather than having a physical store. It’s good to experiment with different brands in order to find which ones suit you the most. 

    Not all of them are going to be made for where you fall when it comes to a target audience. They could be too young for you or too mature in the styles they produce. The type of clothing they sell might not be to your taste or is out of your comfort zone. Whatever the reason, start off by listing your current favorite fashion stores. This will give you a springboard when it comes to going shopping and also find places that are going to be similar to what you already like.

    Create A Capsule Wardrobe

    Capsule wardrobes are something that has become increasingly popular and rightly so. It’s something that could definitely work for those who might not enjoy fashion as much or simply want to cut down on the amount of clothing they buy for an environmental or financial reason. Capsule wardrobes will often consist of several items of clothing that can be mixed and matched to create dozens of outfit choices. It can be great if you want to be more minimal with your outfits and the amount of clothing you have in general.

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    Some of us can often get overwhelmed with too much choice, and so it’s good to condense it down into a few different pieces. There’s lots of advice on how to start a capsule wardrobe so that it can work for you, whatever the occasion you may be dressing for.

    Develop Your Own Style

    Developing your own style is important because it can be too easy to follow someone else’s style piece for piece. And it’s not necessarily something that is going to suit you or make you feel confident in what you’re wearing. It’s good to have your own style because it can be a way of showing off your personality and who you are as an individual. You can take ideas and pieces from different trends, but try not to follow the trends too closely. By crafting your own style, it’s going to fit who you are, and what you feel comfortable wearing.

    Look at what you’ve been inspired by before and what is in your wardrobe at the moment. Combine that with styles and pieces that you might have wanted to wear for a while but haven’t given yourself the opportunity to do so. Experiment with clothing because it can be a great way to have more knowledge and experience within the fashion domain. The more you can play around with fashion, the more comfortable you will become when it comes to shopping for you and your personality. You’ll likely find it easier to shop too.

    Get Some Of Your Clothing Tailored

    A wardrobe that’s made for you is one that should fit you perfectly. Like it’s been mentioned before, your body shape is an important element to finding the right pieces. However, not all of the pieces you buy are going to be tailored to your exact body shape and measurements. When it comes to designing clothes, fashion companies will create their clothing based on a sample size of that particular shape or size. It’s not going to be completely accurate to whatever category you fit into and so it’s important to invest in tailoring where you can.

    Getting your clothing tailored can be a little more expensive, but if you’re buying good quality clothing, it’s worth tailoring some of those pieces. It’s especially beneficial if they’re timeless pieces that you can wear year after year. Look at what you could tailor already, and when it comes to buying clothing, look for pieces that could be tailored to suit you better. These could be suit jackets for examples or dresses that have enough material to be shaped to fit you better. Tailoring can be an enjoyable experience, too, because you end up having an outfit that fits you like a glove and feels like it’s been made for your body in mind.

    Creating a wardrobe that fits you and makes you feel good is what’s most important when it comes to fashion. As much as it’s a form of self-expression, it’s essential that you are using clothing to elevate your personality and your body shape. Hopefully, this helpful guide has given you the knowledge and tips you need to help curate a wardrobe that was made for you and you only.

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