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How to Fix Wet Suede Shoes

At certain points in our lives, our shoes will definitely get wet.  We may get caught in the rain, stepped on a puddle or accidentally spilled liquid onto our shoes. It is harder to swallow if you are wearing your favorite pair of suede shoes.  Yes, suede hates water, snow, mud and rock.  Suede shoes like the puma shoes are made from the underside of the skin of deer, lamb or goat and thus, they are very delicate. They look chic and suave but get dirty easily and need a little bit more work to maintain.

Many people think that once suede shoes and boots are wet, they will be instantly ruined. That is not true if you know how to treat and protect them.  As the suede texture is different from regular leather, it is not advisable to brush and polish regularly as you do to leather shoes. Instead, a basic suede cleaning kit that includes a double-sided brush, suede protector and suede cleaner is just what you need.

    If your puma suede shoes become wet, do not toss them.  The most important thing is to know how to save your shoes from water damage immediately so that you can wear them again.  Here are some steps to treat wet suede shoes:

    1. Dry out the nap while gently brushing it back and forth at the same time with a soft bristle brush to maintain the smooth feel. The sooner you can treat wet suede, the less likely it is to have permanent damage. If you do not have a handy brush, use a soft bristle toothbrush.

    2. Use a clean cloth or microfiber towel to lightly blot the suede and soak up the water as much as possible.

    3. Use a hairdryer to accelerate the drying process. Continue to brush the nap as heat is applied.

    4. Be sure that the heat is not next to the shoes. Make sure your shoe does not feel hot to the touch. This is an indicator that the heat source is too close.

    How to Fix Wet Suede Shoes
    How to Fix Wet Suede Shoes

    Below are some do’s and don’ts on how to take care of your suede shoes:


    1. Never store your suede shoes in an enclosed space. They are susceptible to fungus. The suede material requires exposure to air.

    2. Never clean the shoes with water but use a protective cleaner instead.


    1. Use talcum powder if the shoe comes in contact with water, as the material will soak the moisture effectively.

    2. Use a mild dab of vinegar to clean your shoe to get rid of oil and grease marks.

    3. For regular stains, use a pencil eraser to clean. There are also suede erasers available with some cleaning kits for this task.

    Follow these easy steps and you will have a great shot at making sure your favorite pair of suede loafers live to walk another day.  If you cannot save your suede shoes, you may want to get another pair and shop for some womens shoes  online.  Remember, it is best to avoid wearing suede when you know it is going to rain or you are heading to a place where your shoes may get wet. 

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