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How to Fix Wet Suede Shoes

June 30, 2020 0
At certain points in our lives, our shoes will definitely get wet.  We may get caught in the rain, stepped on a puddle or accidentally sp...

C'NTRO by Centropelle Opens at Ayala Fairview Terraces

July 28, 2014 0
Who would not recognize the “C” label of shoes that we’ve known and been existing for 30 years already? Yeah, it’s CENTROPELLE, a sister...

Corporate Attire

April 25, 2014 0
Argggh! For six years of working here in GXS/Opentext, corporate attire is not an issue at all. We can wear anything we like, well, pr...

FIGLIA Shoe Design Contest – “My Beautiful Sole”

December 26, 2013 0
FIGLIA Shoe Design Contest – “My Beautiful Sole” Merry Christmas Darlings! How’s holiday season going so far? Happy and relax, yeah? Abs...

Tomato Shoes

July 23, 2013 0
Look what my friends and I got from the Tomato Outlet Sale happened last week, shoes! I have no idea that time, when my friend C invit...

Naturalizer [Shoes Fit For You] F/W 2012 Collection

September 10, 2012 2
Howdy Ladies and Gentlemen! How you started your week, pretties? I hope that all is well, up and running. ^_^ Most of women a...

Naturalizer Spring 2012 Collection: LUXE FOR LESS

April 07, 2012 0
Just in time for summer, the Naturalizer Spring 2012 Collectio n continues the brand heritage as “ the shoe with the beautiful fit .” W...

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