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Acne-Treatment at DermClinic, The Link, Makati

Gee… breakouts popped out right after my La Union trip. Perhaps, I am being abusive with my skin like forgetting to put sunscreen on my skin leads to a skin problem. Oh well, a lesson learned in a hard way, as always. Thus, I had to do something to prevent it from spreading all over my face that’s why a visit to a derma is a must do. So, even though I am not feeling well due to colds and been sneezing all-day, right after my work I visited dermclinic, which is located at the 2nd level of The Link, Palm Drive, Makati City, to have my skin checked and do the necessary treatment. Thank goodness, I did it the soonest possible.

the wash area

Upon entering the clinic, I was greeted with the staffs wearing a beautiful smile on their faces. That moment, it feels like that I am already been taken care of and I’m in the good hands. I filled-out the form and indicate what treatment I will avail, Fruit-Based Peel Treatment. It’s my first time to be in dermclinic but though, that was not the first time on having facial and other face treatments such as diamond peel, mask, among others, that’s why I was more than thrilled on what this clinic has to offer.
After waiting for a couple of minutes, the staff assisted me to the room where the treatment will be done, leave my things and then she instructed me to wash my face on their wash area which I found chic and clean. After doing so, I went back to the room and the process started. For all the treatment, the starting process are all the same – wash your face, deep cleansing facial, and putting mask on for 15 minutes. Since I have a lot of acne, I was advised that a physician will examine my face to see what the best treatment to adhere the problem or suited on my skin.

the room where deep cleansing facial and mask are done

 selfie after washing the face - can you count the pimple?

mask - leave for 15 minutes

I was then transferred to another room where the treatment will be done by the physician. I was glad that they have in-house dermatologist for proper consultation and to do the necessary treatment needed depending on your skin needs. At that time, mine was acne problem that’s why instead of Fruit-Based Peel, Doc Angel, advised that she will be doing the Acne Treatment instead. The procedure aims to control and clear off pimples. So, after the deep cleansing facial and pricking – it’s painless and done by Doc Angel because only doctors in DermClinic are allowed to do the pricking if it is beyond the t-zone area, an acne treatment and application of glycolic acid is next for achieving a total skin renewal.

What makes DermClinic stands out among the rest is that, their doctors’ shows so much care on their clients. They explain what and why they’re doing the process and applying certain medicines. With this, clients like me are also aware on what is being done on my skin especially on the face which is more sensitive

my prescription

I was then given a prescription on how to take good care of my skin. Can you see how detailed it is? Right!

dermclinic recommends NuDerm Supreme products as it is known for its effectiveness. It is designed by dermatologists for synergistic skin rejuvenation system with premium active ingredients perfect for everyone’s skin. Thus, I am one happy gal to try the NuDerm’s Clear Facial Soap and Dermisol Lotion. I love using both as it clears my skin and gives a youthful glow. By the way, no washing of face for 8 hours after the treatment.

after the treatment - what i liked was that no redness after the treatment

and here's me after 5 days - no make-up just brows

It was indeed a pampering afternoon with the best in business. Well, DermClinic has been around for four decades already and I know now how they survive. It is really the quality that makes something or someone to stands out and now, I can no longer wait for my next visit and have my skin check again. Prevention is better that cure that’s why consulting your dermatologist once or twice a month is a must. 

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2nd level, The Link
Palm Drive, Makati City
For more information, please visit

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Have a great time!  Hugs & Kisses, Aylin

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  1. I have been battling acne since I was in HS. I did not have that severe type of acne but boy are they everywhere on my face and neck. Just last 2015, I convinced my dad to have me treated at DermClinic. I was really keen on going to my weekly to every other week to every 2 weeks to once a month schedule with them for my ACA(Acne Clear Advance) treatment; 6 for 3 sessions, before they eventually advised me to undergo dermal roller;12k per session or 9500 if u are already a "VIP". As I progressed on the 1st year, I saw the difference. My face went clear but my acne scars still bothered me. I has almost 4-5 dermal rollers with them. More than 3-4 whole set of their topical medication. I must say, at first, I really liked how my skin is reacting. It was almost clear. Unfortunately, after that moment, my pimples started to show off one by one again. I get their point of hormonal imbalance, stress and what have you. But they cannot seem to fix or prevent my pimples anymore until it worsen. I have been stressed way before unlike now to have reached this stage with them. More than 2 years and they still have not resolved my problem. They even had an excuse that some patients stay with them for 7years with their acne coming back now and then. We raised this one to the management, all they offered was free consultation. It took them more than a month to come up with that solution for me. And it will be the patient's discretion whether or not she will continue the treatments. Like wtf, free consultation = total time and money spent on them? Free consultation my ass. Doctors see me there often and can easily provide me feedback. Now, they'll give me free consultation?

    I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND DERMCLINIC. Their doctors go on rotations and they do not have common practice. They will let you be handle by other doctors each time you go there (well this was the time they had rotations and doctors go on leave for quite some time with no distinct replacement)

    Waste of money and time. Not guaranteed of beautiful and fair skin.

    GO TO AIVEE OR BELO INSTEAD. They charge as much. But heck way more class and pamper time for you when you are with them. I'm currently with Aivee, and boy do I see my money's worth immediately.


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