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Traveling and the joy it brings.

Travel brings power and love back into your life.” – Rumi

When I was a little I only have one travel destination on my bucket list, Disneyland! It is the happiest place on earth that as a kid always longing for. But as a grown up, having own money from working hard on a day-to-day basis, I was able to travel and been to beautiful and amazing places my beloved country (Philippines) has to offer! Though, I am still planning and planning to go on places I never set foot yet. Oh, I couldn’t contain my happiness looking at the photos and remembering the wonderful memories I had during my travels. And yes as what the quote says above, traveling always brings joy and love back to my life.

In line with that, here are some reasons why I love to travel. For me, these are the main contributors that make me more passionate on visiting places and indulge with the beauty it bestowed. Learn new cultures, know the history, be with the people I not usually encounter in my casual life in the metro, to try and immense on their beliefs and of course, the happiness that they contain that so nostalgic and inevitable.

Traveling can improve my life insights and beliefs.

As I traveled, I can see that it also improves my life insights and beliefs. Now, I appreciate every details of my life and learned to be grateful and thankful on what I have. Well, it is somehow more of life appreciation and thinking ways on how to help others. I learned to embrace what I have and work hard on those I’ve been longing for to have. Life indeed is an adventure and in every phase, there’s always something that help me enhance the way I think and the way I look on things. It is be more positive in life and live each day on a brighter side. I can humbly say, traveling is one way to renew you and be the best version.

in Batanes, Philippines 

Traveling gives you more connections and friends.

Yeah, you read it right. Traveling also means meeting new people. Strangers that you meet along the way and soon, you’ll be notice that you already exchanging stories and experiences. They already tend to tell you their stories even the small details of their life like those who wanted to have a US passport name change. Soon enough, these strangers becomes your friends and even treated as a family.

people I met who became friends because of traveling

Let me share a story, I have a friend who will be traveling to Europe and he was sponsored by her friend’s mom covering all his expenses including his travel insurance and all. Where did they meet? 
Well, on one of his travels abroad. Here’s one of the stories on how traveling could transform other people’s lives to something unexpected. Along the way, you’ll meet someone who is generous and kind enough to be your travel buddy or in my case, sometimes my coffee buddy who’s willing to lend their shoulders and ear for all the dramas that I want to let out.

That’s it for now! I know you also have a fair share of what traveling is for you. I would love to know and hear it from you. Please share your thoughts via commenting below.

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Have a great time!  Hugs & Kisses, Aylin

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