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The NIVEA Skin Firmness Check at Mega Fashion Hall

Attending events that empowers women and letting the people know how to take good care of themselves are my favorites. Getting informed with what we must doing for us to be able to achieve our goals in life is one of our responsibilities. Meanwhile, as a grownup I tend to go out and explore more – whether traveling, attending events, attending schools and trainings! Yeah, change is inevitable and I have to do something that would expand my knowledge and learn something new.

When I was in 20’s – protecting my skin was not my forte. I went swimming, basked under the sun, explored endless possibilities without getting protected from the harmful UV rays. Well, that time everything was all about spending the best days of my life while blending in “22” music video of Taylor Swift.  Now that I’m 30, I somehow regret those years of negligence. Freckles’ are visible, my skin’s dry and have this uneven skin tone, it also compromised the firmness of my skin. Of course, we can’t be forever 22 as much as we’d like to kid ourselves. As age kicks in, as early as our 20s, our skin starts to lose its firmness, making today the best time to start caring for our skin, to keep it firmer for longer.

Gladly, one of my trusted brand NIVEA, initiated a SKIN FIRMNESS CHECK last Saturday at SM Megamall Fashion Hall where everyone can enjoy fun activities - enable them to live out their skin’s best in an event full of fun, music, and a lot of jumping! While DJ Callum David rocks the stage that gave us an upbeat ambiance. NIVEA, the world’s no.1 skin care brand, gave women a fun and creative way to check the firmness of their skin. Dubbed as the NIVEA Skin Firmness Check. Thus, after having fun in all activities, everyone had consultation and check their skin firmness.
The NIVEA Skin Firmness Check at Mega Fashion Hall, DJ Callum David
 DJ Callum David

The NIVEA Skin Firmness Check at Mega Fashion Hall
Dr. Charisse Basilio, NIVEA Senior Brand Manager Jamie Sanico with Gretchen Ho, Kim Domingo, & Host Rizza Diaz

The NIVEA Skin Firmness Check at Mega Fashion Hall
The NIVEA Skin Firmness Check at Mega Fashion Hall

So, how the skin firmness check done? Throughout the day, guests were treated to a fun way of checking the firmness of their skin through a bungee trampoline, outfitted with high-speed cameras to capture how the skin moves as they jump. Using a motion-tracking technology, guests were shown a creative visualization of the skin’s movement to illustrate the firmness of the skin – the less movement, the firmer the skin is.

Guys and Gals, don’t be like me – our skin starts losing firmness at age of 20. Take good care of your skin, by the help of Nivea products we can achieve the firmness that our skin deserves!  We just need to be consistent on applying sunscreen and lotion on a daily basis. Most especially, when there will be an outdoor activity.

Brand ambassadors Gretchen Ho and Kim Domingo (my girl crush!) were also present. They shared some tips and gave some advices on how to protect and take good care of our skin.
The NIVEA Skin Firmness Check at Mega Fashion Hall
The NIVEA Skin Firmness Check at Mega Fashion Hall

To further educate women on skin firmness, guests were made to assess their lifestyle through the NIVEA Skin Firmness Habit Check that revealed the habits that influence the skin’s firmness – from lack of sleep, not enough water intake, exposure to UV rays and pollution, smoking and many other factors. Talk about being every woman’s best skin care partner! With this having said, we can now start achieving our skin’s best years!

It was truly a wonderful event that firmed-up NIVEA’s position as the best skin care in achieving skin’s best years. The NIVEA white and firm range, which includes the NIVEA Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF33 provides not just fairer but firmer and smoother skin too. Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF33, with its light and non-sticky formula, contains 95% pure Vitamin C to provide radiant and fairer skin tone and firming ingredient Q10 that helps firm skin and restore its elasticity. The amazing result? Noticeably more radiant, whiter, smoother and firmer skin in just 14 days.
The NIVEA Skin Firmness Check at Mega Fashion Hall
NIVEA Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF33

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Meanwhile, plan your travels ahead and score big discounts! {{B O O K H E R E}}

Have a great time!  Hugs & Kisses, Aylin

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