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Beaute Centrale

Howdy guys and gals! Well, hoping that everyone is in good shape and celebrating life. Yes! Whatever situation you are in, just make the best out of it. Remember, everything happens for a reason, but whatever reason it may be, please keep in mind that you're going to learn something from it. 

Meanwhile, I enjoy treating myself in a spa or salon. Who doesn't anyway? A body massage and/or scrub, facial with diamond peel, or a simple foot spa with manicure & pedicure are some of my simple pleasures in indulging myself into relaxation. Well, it's a gal's best friend. A quiet and relaxing moment in a spa for an hour or two is already more than enough to win the struggle of a stressful day. As for the schedule, I like to have it on Mondays or Fridays - a good start or a better ending of what might the week destined to happen. 

Footspa, manicure and pedicure corner.

With that having said, I just had my facial with diamond peel at Beaute Centrale located at 614 J.P. Rizal Avenue, Olympia, Makati City. A 10-min ride from the Makati Central Business District; with its strategic location it is now easy to have a pampering session right after your office hours. A newly-opened salon that provides everything that deals with beauty and pampering in a very affordable price. They offer promo packages that will absolutely, suit everyone's needs. 

Upon entering the salon, I was greeted with a warm ambiance and friendly people with a well-ordered surrounding. It already connotes that I was on the right place. Beaute Centrale is a 2-storey salon –foot spa, manicure, pedicure, hair treatments such as KeraBond (Keratin + Rebond), hair color, hair spa, among others are done at the first floor; body massage/scrub, facial treatment, among others are done at the clean with a soothing ambiance of the 2nd floor. By the way, shoes are not allowed upstairs, slippers are provided though.

beds for body massage

What I liked about Beaute Centrale’s facial + diamond peel was that they’re using something like a cold roller to get rid of the redness after the treatment. Well, I like it better than the laser because it really took redness off of my face. So, right after the treatment you could go straight with your date or hangout with your friends wearing a healthy, clean and glowing face.  

elegant chandelier

ground floor

ready for my facial + diamond peel

closing the pores by using this cold roller that could also get rid off redness

hi there, Ms. Lanie!

looking fresh - ready for a date!

More so, here’s the updated promo packages and prices of the services they offer.

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Beaute Centrale
614 J.P. Rizal Avenue, Olympia
Makati City
Contact Nos.: +63 2 802 5587 | +63 995 107 4860

Beaute Centrale is also open for franchising, send your inquiry to  
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Have a great time!  Hugs & Kisses, Aylin
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