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How to keep motivated and focused in achieving goals.

In order to be successful and achieved goals, I must be motivated and focused. However, there were times that I tend to be out-of-focus and not in the right direction towards my goals. I admit, sometimes it is better to give up and just be defeated. Perhaps, life could be better by then, no effort, no expectation, and no grudges. But who knows right? Still, at the end of the day, when I evaluate myself, I heard this voice that tells me, winning is great!

Thus, I have to think of ways on how to overcome my struggles and finally, get back on the phase where I aim for a better version of myself and be close enough to my idea of being successful.

How to keep motivated and focused in achieving goals.
Dreams do come true. 

Luckily, these five ways does wonder in keeping me motivated and focused on achieving my goals – whether personal or work – whenever I feel I was not.

One factor that I can see why sometimes, we feel that we were no longer motivated or we were lacking of inspiration to do something is simply because we put too much work on it that’s why the tendency to get stress is high. Do too much, and you’ll burn it out. You make wrong decisions and bad choices. Guys, our brain also needs a time off same with our body. Take time to relax, have a walk in the park, chat with friends, or travel. If you let your brain recharge and replenish, you’ll feel better mentally and see improvements with your decisions.

#2. Re-assess yourself.

Re-assessing ourselves can already give a hint whether you can do it all by yourself or you need a lending hand from other people. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Segregate those things that you can feasibly done alone and ask for help to those that you think can only be doable by having others working on it. Aside from achieving it in a fastest way possible, you can also learn something from other people’s experiences. Probably, you’ll be hitting two birds in one stone as getting assistance from them you'll also increase your knowledge bank.

#3. Make a plan.

Cliché it may sound but it is true, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Absolutely! Planning is the crucial part of achieving our goals. By planning ahead, we can come up with ideas and steps on how are we going to do it and achieve it. So, have a handy planner or notebook where you can write down your ideas anytime, anywhere.

#4. Read motivational books or watch inspiring channels.

I love reading motivational books and watching inspiring channels. Having the technology advantage nowadays, please do maximize it. Materials are always available online, just google it and voila, you got the answers and advices from the experts. One of the channels that I love watching is Marie Forleo of MarieTV, a business woman who live and love the life that she wants. On her videos, she’s so energetic, optimistic and joyfully answers her readers’ questions. Her good vibes and happiness are contagious. One mantra that I got from her which I always keep in mind and live by is that “Everything is figureoutable!

I repeat, please do maximize your internet. I know, most of you have a mobile data - make use of it, take full advantage of it. Make time for learning and acquiring words of wisdom.

And last but not the least, my favorite.

#5. Celebrate.

Life is a celebration. Every accomplishment – small or big – needs to be celebrated! It is time to reward yourself or your team for a job well done, for reaching your goals. You’ve done the major role of completing it so it is necessary to reward yourself because you are worth it! Never overlook to give yourself a prize, have a pizza!

How to keep motivated and focused in achieving goals.
Always move forward.

Hopefully, I imparted something to make you keep going and feel motivated every time. Keep in mind that whatever habits that we opt to perform, always make sure it is a good one. Be inspired, be motivated and aim for betterment.

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Have a great time!  Hugs & Kisses, Aylin
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