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Physical Therapy at ActiveLife Chicago PT

With Dr. Ronald Samaniego

Aching joints or body pains limit us to do the tasks that we love doing and we are tasks to do. We opted to visit our doctors, specialists, massage spa and in most cases, having the traditional hilot. Though, it sometime gives the remedy we our looking for but in most cases, pain goes back and lingers on our body. The big question is why? Why the pain still there even if we tend to follow doctor’s advice, drink medicine as instructed by our specialist, had a soothing and relaxing massage, and done with the comforting hilot? Well, the answer is simply because, we are not really addressing the main concern that causes us a never-ending pain. And sadly, the problem is not treated the way it should be.

They were some of the answers I’ve learned when I met Dr. Ronald Samaniego, PT, DPT. Dr. Ron received his Bachelors in Physical Therapy from Fatima University and his Doctor in Physical Therapy at Utica College, New York. With his continuous education and learning manual therapy (hands-on-skill) improves the rate of alleviating the pain of his patients.

With all the experiences he gained abroad and having an extensive specialized training in orthopedic rehabilitation and musculoskeletal issues. Dr. Ron put up his own clinic called ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy after observing how conservative physical therapy is being practice here in the Philippines and would like to provide services suited for the them. With a mission to help the patients to live an active life.

ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic is not your typical physical therapists. At ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic employs the power of laser therapy, manual therapy and other revolutionary tools to make your healing go faster! Meanwhile, here are the services they offer:

Hands Free Ultrasound and Stim Combo (Php 400)
This ultrasound is much more focused than the ones you've probably encountered. With a frequency of up to 10k hertz for the stim, the pain relief lasts longer than a typical Bambang style equipment.

Shockwave (Php 1,200)
Breaks down scar tissue and relieves muscle spasms. Together with ActiveLife style of PT, shockwave becomes a very powerful tool in our arsenal.

Vibracussor (call for price)
Part of our basic treatment that helps relieve pain, spasm and tenderness. It can be used like Guasha, Graston or Aystm.

Dry needling/acupuncture (Php 800)
Dry needling is similar to acupuncture but we put the needles on the painful spots instead of putting them on acupuncture points.

Physical Therapy (Php 1000)
Physical therapy pain specialist. We specialize in treating Frozen shoulder, knee pain, back/sciatica, plantar fascistic, arthritic conditions, sports injuries, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, neck and shoulder pain, disc bulge, scoliosis, joint and muscle pains.

ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic
415 Cityland Tower 
Shaw Blvd. Cor St. Francis, Mandaluyong City
Phone No.: +63 917 869 6034

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