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It’s a Super Cheese Pizza this Holiday Season at Sbarro

7-days to go and it is Christmas! I know everyone is already excited as I do and have plans on how they’re going to celebrate Christmas with their love ones, friends and of course, the star of this holiday season – with Papa G! 

Meanwhile, I would like to introduce to you a super cheesy holiday brought to us by Sbarro

The Sbarro Super Cheese Deep Dish Pizza will definitely add a spark on celebrating holiday season!

Don’t fret as Sbarro is always a go-to pizzeria, their Italian pizza are way too flavorful and yet worth the price. Don’t be intimidated with its name that sounds like expensive but in reality it’s not. Plus, it caters freshly made pizza with a so many choices to choose from, pasta, bread and making sure that everything that is being served is of good quality and worth that value that you are paying for. One of Sbarro’s old-time favorites and bestsellers have always been the Chicago Deep Dish pizza – a cheesy, meaty, and gooey pizza concoction.

This holiday season, Sbarro gives a spin on their Chicago Deep Dish pizza by introducing its cheesy festive counterpart – the Sbarro Super Cheese Deep Dish pizza. This dish will have your mouth water for seconds. It has four layers of mozzarella cheese, quadrupling the gooey factor of the pizza. Every pie offers more than a kilo of cheese, 32 ounces to be exact. A layer of Ricotta sauce and spicy honey have also been added to emphasize the richness of the pizza. 

The Super Cheese Deep Dish pizza is Sbarro’s holiday treat to its customers, being the only pizza this cheesy to be available in the market. Bring it to any event this season as itself, or accompanied by Sbarro’s Festa Italiana Natale and there will surely be no leftovers, of course!

Sbarro stays true to their word when they say that they’ll be serving unique, hot, and fresh Italian-style pizza every day, prepared by their well-trained staff. The Sbarro Super Cheese Deep Dish pizza is available only this holiday season, until January 6, 2017 at any Sbarro stores nationwide. Why go for another, when you’ve already have something better? Go for Sbarro, you deserve it.

For more information about Sbarro products, you may visit Sbarro Philippines at

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