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What to buy this Christmas - My Top 3 Items that you might consider buying.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

Holiday rush! Yay! Due to the heavy traffic anywhere and anytime of the day this Christmas season already connotes that everyone seems like cramming on what to do, what to present and what are the things that their love ones would like and love having this Christmas! Aside from all the prayers of getting healthy, wealthy and have an inner piece some are aiming for something material that would, somehow, contribute happiness. Yeah, because sometimes most people already do have the things that money can’t buy and some are longing for things that they wish they should able to try on hand. 

Well, in some cases, I am one of those people who longs for material things that I don’t have when I was kid. Only heaven knows how happy I am when I got them and hold them on my bare hands and even to call it as my own. That was an awesome feeling that I wouldn’t trade for anything. That was love at first sight and somewhat addicting to finally know that I am now able to reach for those “wish-able items” that I had for so long.

Enough of the drama! Ha-ha. I love to share with you guys the Top 3 items that I like having and glad that I can score them in a very affordable price by using Groupon Coupons.


Oh, I love photography as it captures the best moments of my life and somehow creates drama on simplest things. And having the best camera in the market is absolutely make everyone happy. Yes?! For now, I am eyeing for Sony A6300, it is a mirror-less camera where lenses are interchangeable.


Who doesn’t love sneaks by the way? I always have a love and hate relationship with sneaks and heels but nevertheless they’re worth keeping. As I browse Groupon site, I noticed that there are coupons that I may use for the next purchase I am planning. Looking forward for Nike Airmax 90, and some random boots please? Okay, time to save up to fill my shoe closet.


I have a poor eyesight due to astigmatism, thus having different lens based on my lifestyle and personal style is somehow a thing that needs to be consider.  It is not easy to be in front of the computer for almost 10-12 hours a day and then walking under the sunny sunshine. UV Rays is one of the harmful things in the world that you should also get rid of. That’s why, is such a big help in providing discounted lenses that best suited for everyone’s liking and needs. 

So that’s it darling! I hope I was able to help you with what to buy and give to your love ones. But no matter what it is, always remember that it is the thought that counts. Have a happy day!

Always remember, dreams do come true! Explore. Discover. Learn.
Have a great day!
Xoxo, Aylin

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